I Wear What I Sew

This post is inspired by these bloggers: Carolyn, Lindsay T. and Kasmira. Kasmira and many others do this everyday! Carolyn and Lindsay T recently blogged about how many garments you actually wear after making them. I decided it would be fun to record what I wore to work this week and see if the 80% sewn work wardrobe that I listed on Carolyn's blog is accurate. (No work, so no picture for Monday).
Tuesday - The jacket is from my Easter outfit.

Jacket OOP New Look #
Everything else is RTW

Cardigan NL # 6735
Pants NL # 6101
Both from rayon/poly double knit from JoAnn’s
Top Vogue # 8323
Knit jersey from Fashionista Fabrics

Jacket Vogue # 7942
Decorator print from JoAnn’s
Pants copied from a pair of Dockers out of linen/rayon blend

Dress Walmart
Jacket Old Navy
This is the first and only outfit my students have commented on – ARGH! They thought it was really cute. Hmmm, am I dressing too old?

How about it, are you up to A Sewing Blog Challenge? I challenge all you bloggers to do what I did and post what you wear in a week. Don't just talk about what and how you make garments, show everyone how you put them all to use! (FYI - one thing I learned from this post was if you want to know how you really look in an outfit, forget asking your significant other, forget the mirror, forget what your kids/students tell you, just take a picture and analyze it yourself,lol! I'm not sure all of last week's outfits will be seen again.)

Paula, Thanks for the link (and the nomination!)


Adrienne said…
What a great challenge!!! I might do this next week!
Summerset said…
Great idea! I was thinking about this a few weeks ago, too and realized that much of what I wear, I make. I was even looking for a RTW dress in my closet to check a zipper finish and couldn't find one!
Dawn said…
It's on. We'll see if I can remember to take a picture everyday. My husband comes homes tomorrow so he can quickly snap so that will be faster than the tripod thing I have to do with all the kids "helping" me.

I know I wear something made by me atleast daily. It will be interesting to see exactly how much is made by me. Thanks for the challenge!
Meg said…
Nifty idea! Day 1 for me: tunic I made and RTW jeans.
Paula Gardner said…
Gosh, I would have to go practically naked! I think I only have 3 blouses and one knit top! But it's a good reality check on whether or not I'm actually making anything useful.
Cennetta said…
Excellent challenge! I think 75% of what I wear I make. I will have to take the challenge soon.
Thanks, C

PS - Congratualations on your nomination.
I really love how you pull items together Dana. It's no wonder it's easy for you to wear the garments that you make! They're all great, but I especialy like the Vogue #8323 top. Kellie
Sigrid said…
How nice to see your combinations. And I like your challenge. Will do that sometime soon.
Dawn said…
I just posted my results on my blog. My percentage for this week is a LOT lower than I thought it was.

Lori said…
This is a great idea and you have done a marvelous job. I really like all your outfits, especially your Easter outfit.