The Red Maxi Coat

Finished Garment from 2020

The Inspiration
The first time I saw this coat on tv I was in love. 💖 Coolest coat ever - a maxi trench. 😍 Couldn't remember if it was That Girl or Mary Tyler Moore that I remember wearing it but it turns they both did! Marlo in red and Mary in navy blue.
The Pattern:
When I found this pattern I immediately knew which view I would make. Sadly when I got ready to cut I found that some critical pieces were missing. I probably skimmed over this in the description before I purchased. 
The Back-up Pattern:
Luckily I had a back up. 😁 And I've made it before so no fitting worries.

I LOVED this jacket. Sometimes when I wore it I got complements from young people. Then one day I looked at the back and was shocked to see the fabric was totally done. 😥 
The Fabric: The tag said Lurex? It's a man-made fiber similar to ultrasuede. A few years ago I walked into my local Goodwill store and there were two almost full rolls of micro-suede fabrics priced at $12 a roll. This was one of them. I used a little over 3 yards.
The Lining: Wool challis purchased when another beloved fabric store, The Cutting Room, had their going-out-of-business sale. It patiently waited until I realized I was never going to use it for a blouse - the fabric is itchy and those colors don't do anything for my complexion. After reading about several online sewists that only use the shiny, slippery linings in their coat sleeves instead of the entire lining, I decided I'd try the same with this coat. I'm so glad I did! The the suede blocks the wind and the wool provides a nice warm layer. Plus, no more dry winter static!

The Process and the Result:
1. All the stuff you don't see! (From 2020 so details may be foggy) I guess I used some black silk organza for the interfacing (never would I ever buy or use polyester organza in my garments), then there's the wool challis, red silk in the sleeves, and some batting for the sleeve heads. I took this picture because it looks like such a patchwork mess knowing all this would be hidden in the final outer garment.
2. Followed this method for supporting sleeve heads from Ann Rowley (Great British Sewing Bee Season 1 winner and frequent contributor to Stitchers Guild, sadly passed in 2021). She calls it a sleeve wrap. Somewhere I read that this is the way handled all jacket sleeve heads. I've used it a couple times and like how it fills out and softens the shoulder. Very easy too!
3. Side pockets on my original black vinyl version were a pain, as most of them are. So I plopped on some patch pockets.

4. Originally it was longer than the length I wanted. I confidently Sorry/not sorry. Visually I wish the finished length was about 2" longer. But, as a matter of practicality, it is perfect. Where I live, a longer the hem length would constantly be dragging in water or slush depending on the day. Unfortunately, the length is a big, DANG! I like it, I wear it, it keeps me warm. 🤗 It's just a little shorter than Mary and Marlo's version. 😏


Catherine said…
The coat looks fantastic! I think the length is just right.
Dana said…
Thanks Catherine.
Sharon Sews said…
It's lovely! I like the color and the length is good too. - Sharon