It's New To Me

Pattern: McCalls 5433. So funny, I just discovered this pattern and thought "Wow, this is a really nice new pattern. I wonder if anyone at PR has sewn it?" Well, yes, yes they have. More than 15 people have reviewed it - as early as 2008. I'm so behind the current patterns, sigh.

Fabric: Lightweight linen, from Janie’s Sewing Corner, local shop

Pattern Adjustments: full bust adjustment, lengthened sleeve by 1/2", cut 14 on top, 16 on.

Fitting Adjustments: Alterations are shown where you see orange pattern paper.

Construction notes: Here's the fun part! I recently found/saw two new construction techniques for blouses that I was really eager to try.

The first is the front band technique that I saw on Silhouette Patterns video for the 1-hour blouse (seriously, she made a blouse in one hour and that includes cutting it out and answering questions!). Based on what I saw, I extended the CF seam allowance to be the width of the CF band w/o seam allowances. The band for each side is a piece that is the band width + 1/4" on each side which is pressed under. Then, the band is just sandwiched around the CF extension on the blouse and topstitched in place.

The second technique is a RTW cuff application - woooohoo! - from pattern-scissors-cloth ! Love it when I can speed up the process. This is another one of those mysteries uncovered - the mystery of the RTW cuff - mwaaaaaahahahah.

App. Prep time: Rats. Thought for sure I'd post this before I forgot. I'll guesstimate it was 30 min.

App. Sewing time: See above. It went together faster than normal because of the cuff and front band changes so I'll guesstimate.....4 hours.

Real-life time: I'm stumped. I think this was a weekend project (w/o kids) so I'll say 2 days. Every time that I try to start tracking things, like sewing time, I do it once and just plain forget to do it the next time - sorry :(

Miss Alaney: I just LOVE it when I find a new sewing technique. I knew there was a faster way to attach a cuff and was so happy to find out that I could do it with fairly decent results.

Goes with: Mostly white stuff of which I don't have much...yet. I've worn it with my white jeans.


Alexandra said…
Very pretty! I like how the collar sits open - it's a nice, relaxed look.
Gail said…
I enjoyed using this pattern too. Love your version - perhaps I'll do a relaxed version for summer.
Sheryll said…
Hi Dana - so glad the cuff tutorial helped you! Your new shirt looks fantastic on you, and very classy with white jeans!
Thank you for all the tips! You have got me thinking about a project I've been puzzling for a while.

Love the way the shirt turned out--classic and crisp.
Victoria Doe said…
I love the way this looks on you! Very nice with the white jeans.
Diana said…
This looks really nice on you. I have this but have never used it. I must do so!Thanks for the inspiration.