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Grandma's Wedding Dress June, 1930

This summer my dad died. It was both sudden (one day the doctors were making arrangements for rehab, the next day the doctor said he probably wouldn't make it through the night) and expected (his body was getting tired and not working like we were all used to). Even though that's a pretty morbid way to introduce this post, the connections that led to me getting my grandmother's dress might not have happened if it weren't for his death. As with many funerals, the joy of reconnecting with family and friends helps to ease the pain of missing the one person the connects all of us. My dad's sister flew in from Minnesota and one of our many conversations led to a discussion of her mom's wedding dress, gloves, and other garments. She didn't really know what to do with them and OF COURSE I was happy to give them a home. Especially, since I knew somewhere at home, I had her wedding picture.

It took searching high and low in every box and corner of my house (still n…
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The Pink Ultrasuede Jacket



Just kidding.

So, here's how this happened...This fabric was re-gifted to me after I gifted it to my mom like, 30 years ago. It became one of those "it's too special to sew" fabrics and sat in her stash. While her gift was sitting, I had also gifted myself a nice chunk of this pink ultrasuede (from SR Harris of Mpls in a mega-deal). I made a princess Diana inspired double-breasted sort of jean jacket that I loved and wore but at some point donated. Fast forward to 2019...when mom re-gifted this fabric I really couldn't believe that she never used it! I'd forgotten all about it! Then, this pink is announced as one of those "colors for/of the year" so I'm like, "well, I MUST MAKE SOMETHING"! Psst... I would have made something anyway because, you know, ...PINK!

Enter the internet and multiple searches for Pink Suede Jacket. My inspirations:

I wanted 3/4 length, sloped shoulders, and a sort-of cocoon shape. I …

Mini Wardrobe Contest, The Extended Version

One of the reasons I missed this deadline was because I kept thinking of more information I absolutely HAD to add to my reviews! I made handwritten notes while sewing each piece and my original strategy was just to type in the notes and submit. But then I started remembering all those conversations I had with myself while sewing the garments and felt the need to share every.single.thought. Haha! Every single garment was completely finished by 7:00 p.m. on Sunday which should have given me plenty of time to take pictures, review, and submit, right? Well, wrong in my case. Anyway, I got this fabulous new wardrobe!!

You may or may not notice two things about these pictures. I started photographing just as the sun was setting and by the time I took the pictures with the jeans there was hardly any daylight left (this is more noticeable on the PR composite review). The picture on my stairway was taken at about 11:55 p.m. LOL! As I was busily typing away, I realized I didn't photograph …

I'm IN...again

Gonna give this another try thanks to this fabulous inspiration fabric from stylemakerfabrics.

Crossing my fingers that life and work drama will lay low until October so I can meet the deadline this time. 😄

Time For A Contest

I am coming out of hiding for this!

After a devastating career changer (the reason I there's no time to blog anymore) I've been given a reprieve! This contest seems to be the perfect opportunity to jump back in to the internet sewing community. I love the 1-2-3 concept because it fits right in with the wardrobe-building ideas I've gotten from The Vivienne Files. The only downside, as you can see from my fabrics, is the lack of prints...sigh. I'm still really excited because - do you see that floral?! Trust me, it is fabulous!

Anticipating good sewing times ahead!