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Another Good Class

Fitting: the European Method - Virginia Marti-Veith I wasn’t sure what to expect with this class. First, recently I have heard some, well not-so-great comments about the fashion design department at Virginia Marti CAD primarily about the lack of sewing knowledge in some of the graduates. Second, I’m realizing that my age is directly limiting the amount of new ideas and techniques out there (i.e. I'm so old and have taken so many classes that not too much seems "new" to me). This doesn’t mean I know everything. It just means that I’m familiar with a lot of techniques and when I take a new class, there’s a pretty good chance I’m already familiar with the information. Note: that doesn’t stop me from enrolling in more classes ;)
So, I’m happy to report that this class was about 90% new info, or info I knew before but forgot, or info that put a new perspective on things I already knew. (That means I thought I was good!) And, I couldn’t wait to get home and share all the good st…

Saturday Sewing Schedule

I'll be here (scroll down a bit for details) for the morning attending Fitting: The European Method :)
I'm counting on the inspiration from this to take me through a weekend of sewing productivity (in between all the other to-do's on the list)!
I've got a few more project pix to post (hahaha) nothing to exciting just some additions to the summer stuff.
Have a great weekend!
P.S. - I've been trying not mention the state of teaching in my state, well the city where I teach  in particular, but... Today I received an update from our union pres. indicating that the actual student/teacher ratio after spring teacher layoffs now appears to be 60:1. That number is up from the originally anticipated 40:1. I know it probably won't happen but, seriously? At the very least, that's going to be a fire hazard, right? School starts in three weeks.

Beautiful Fabric – A Timeline

I’ve had a crush on this fabric since the first time I saw it.
Carolyn made it into a skirt.
I found it at Janie’s booth during a Sewing Expo
I made it into this.
Looking at the picture now it doesn’t look so bad, but it didn’t wear well. The neckline was too low for my comfort and the sides have slits that slide up even further every time you sit down. Too much to worry about.
Recycled it into this (Simplicity 4149.
It’s nice and wearable but I think it looks kind of funny with shorts. Good with pants but I don’t wear too many pants in the summertime.
I found more of it at Janie’s on my fabric excursion this spring and just had to have it so I could try again.
Ta Da! A dress I like. (Hmmmm. I think I like it. Now that I've seen these pictures I'm not so sure.)

Pattern: Very Easy Vogue 8486
Fabric: Rayon print from Janie's Sewing Corner

Pattern Adjustments: Originally, none. But after putting it together I raised the hem by 4-5" (sorry, I don't really measure these things …

Day of Sewing with Kenneth King

(Sorry for the blurries. Realized too late that there were little munchkin fingerprints on the lens.)
Without talking numbers…because this was a birthday present to me…let me just say that the first workshop I took with Kenneth King was before he’d written any books. At some point during that 2-day beading workshop he mentioned that he was working on a deal to write a book about making tassels. OK? Get it? It was a long time ago. You do the math.

The only thing that made this workshop less exciting than that first one was the fact that thanks to the worldwideweb I already knew and have tried several of the techniques we worked on. I knew that before I even signed up. I signed up for the atmosphere. I wanted to be around other people that love to sew and that’s what made it fun, super fun!

We worked on the alternate pocket flap (p. 95 in Cool Couture) and I realized when I got home that I must have thrown my sample away :( - sorry 'bout that, no pic. Then we put together a bound butto…

Happy Birthday To Me!

Best Birthday present from me ever - "Cool Tricks" class with Kenneth Kingtomorrow - I can't make my face smile big enough! Will report back later, well maybe sooner than later since the other amazing b-day gift I gave to myself was to send both kids off to Camp Fitch for the entire week. What perfect timing.

Both kids have been warned not to break anything, cut anything, or catch anything that will make them sick or they're grounded for the rest of the summer! (It was at this same camp last year that DD broke her other arm and got a 2-hr ambulance drive back to the city.)

Now...what to make, I mean what to wear, what to wear?

It's New To Me

Pattern: McCalls 5433. So funny, I just discovered this pattern and thought "Wow, this is a really nice new pattern. I wonder if anyone at PR has sewn it?" Well, yes, yes they have. More than 15 people have reviewed it - as early as 2008. I'm so behind the current patterns, sigh.

Fabric: Lightweight linen, from Janie’s Sewing Corner, local shop

Pattern Adjustments: full bust adjustment, lengthened sleeve by 1/2", cut 14 on top, 16 on.

Fitting Adjustments: Alterations are shown where you see orange pattern paper.

Construction notes: Here's the fun part! I recently found/saw two new construction techniques for blouses that I was really eager to try.

The first is the front band technique that I saw on Silhouette Patterns video for the 1-hour blouse (seriously, she made a blouse in one hour and that includes cutting it out and answering questions!). Based on what I saw, I extended the CF seam allowance to be the width of the CF band w/o seam allowances. The band for eac…

Got'a Lov'a Print

Pattern: Very Easy Vogue 8424
OOP but still available on their website.

Fabric: Black - cotton print from purchased two years ago.
Green - Heather Bailey print from Stitch Cleveland (local).

Pattern Adjustments: I've made View B of this skirt in a cotton before but always felt the front pleat pulled it down in front. I wanted an A-line with pockets so I just eliminated the pleat by laying the front pattern piece with the CF on the fold.

Fitting Adjustments: None.

Construction notes: I used the fabulous underlining as lining (on the link site, scroll down until you see HongKong underlining) method and attached the pocket lining after the the underlining was turned. Both skirt hems were completed using the blind-stitch function on my machine.

App. Prep time: 1-1/2 hours to cut fabric, lining, and interfacing for both skirts. I just didn't feel like bothering to try and match the patterns ;)

App. Sewing time: 2-1/2 hours of solid, uninterrupted sewing for each skirt.