Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day of Sewing with Kenneth King

(Sorry for the blurries. Realized too late that there were little munchkin fingerprints on the lens.)
Without talking numbers…because this was a birthday present to me…let me just say that the first workshop I took with Kenneth King was before he’d written any books. At some point during that 2-day beading workshop he mentioned that he was working on a deal to write a book about making tassels. OK? Get it? It was a long time ago. You do the math.

The only thing that made this workshop less exciting than that first one was the fact that thanks to the worldwideweb I already knew and have tried several of the techniques we worked on. I knew that before I even signed up. I signed up for the atmosphere. I wanted to be around other people that love to sew and that’s what made it fun, super fun!

We worked on the alternate pocket flap (p. 95 in Cool Couture) and I realized when I got home that I must have thrown my sample away :( - sorry 'bout that, no pic. Then we put together a bound buttonhole and welt pocket using his ribbon method (p. 103-106 in book). I didn't bother taking pix or notes on this process because the book does it much better than I could...(and I took this class on PR a few years ago and have my notes from that.) Before turning the pocket opening we put together the pocket lining and facing.

Because I was in panic mode, and couldn’t find the picture of this in the book, and because I really wanted to remember what goes where at this point, I decided just to leave my sample like this. It will be much more helpful for me when I sew my pocket bags.

This workshop was sponsored by Janie’s Sewing Corner where there’s lots of sewing energy, knowledge, and creativity. In my most recent visits I’ve seen pre-teens sewing away, adults learning to sew for the first time, and a good variety of quality fabrics. If you live within an hour or two of Cleveland or are planning a visit (yes, people really do visit Cleveland) please make a point to stop in and support her!

I also got a little spending money for the big day (THANKS MOM!). How convenient that I could run a tab and fabrics were 30% off. Here are the rest of my birthday presents.

Happy sewing to your nice, cool, air conditioned sanctuary. And if you don't have one of those - GO TO THE BEACH OR THE POOL OR THE MOVIES OR THE MALL - go somewhere where you can keep your cool and forget about sewing for a while! ;)


Rosie said...

I'm so happy you got a chance to take a class with Kenneth. He is a dear friend of mine and great teacher. I'm sure you heard his lovely tales.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed the class and reinforced some sewing techniques! Oh and most importantly scored some new fabrics!

velosewer said...

Happy birthday to you. What a great pressie.

Jane M said...

What a delightful birthday present. Looks like it was so much fun. And Kenneth King will make you laugh the years away!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

What a great birthday present to yourself! Glad you had fun.