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Threads and Ranting

I got my new issue of Threads and it looks so exciting!! I've only read the cover and half of the editor's note. A tour of Ralph Rucci's atelier from Claire Shaeffer and Judith Neukam, and how to grade a pattern for the perfect fit - how does this sound? Anybody else as excited about this issue as me?

Now the ranting. About Fashion Fabrics Club. I've been trying to match a knit jersey with some purple wool crepe. When I started my search they had a huge selection of purple/eggplant/burgundies. Past experiences have taught me that the colors are not always as they appear, but I decided to take a chance anyway and ordered one jersey knit. No match but I decided to keep the fabric because it does go with other pieces. Next, I decided to order samples. While being a logical decision the super-ultra-mega slow cutting and shipping process was driving me insane!! I wouldn't go anywhere when it was time for the mail to be delivered. And, everyday that it wasn't delivere…

Everything But Sewing

Two weeks ago, sick for three days.
One week ago, started painting our bedroom, at most a two day project and I was right on schedule. Then DD got sick and had to stay home. The day she stayed home I got sick. She recovered quickly (thank goodness because the tonsils are coming out tomorrow!). Me, not so much. I've spent most of the last four days in bed. You know you're really sick when you can't even sit up at the computer!
Next week, yikes. School starts on Wednesday for my children and Thursday for my students.

Luckily, none of this has totally prevented me from thinking about sewing and wardrobe planning! About a week after the new Butterick patterns came up (I actually found a few that I liked) the JoAnn's flyer showed they would be on sale in two weeks. I've been going crazy waiting for the sale, in particular for 5258. Last year there was a lot of discussion on Stitcher's Guild about wardrobe patterns. Honestly, I had completely tuned out the fact that so…

Muslin Mania

So, I was just wondering, what do you guys do with your muslins? I’ve been sewing up several test patterns and now have another pile of stuff (the muslins) that needs a home, at least temporarily.

My sewing area (sanctuary) is divided into uncut fabric, patterns envelopes, patterns (filed numerically), and drawers with cut fabric, pattern, and notions waiting to be sewn. Where do the muslins fit into this system? My first instinct is to toss them, but I hesitate because I haven’t made or cut out the real garment yet. Then there are some that just didn't make the cut. Do I keep them as a reminder? Do I keep them just in case I run out of other things to do and I want to try again? Help they’re taking up valuable space!

Karma Alarma!

Here they are, the Master Disasters (You're going to have to click on the pictures if you want to see all the gruesome details.)

New Look 6813This is the canned muslin from last week really, it’s not the pattern, I didn’t interface the neckband and that’s a pretty crucial element to get the top to fit correctly. This is made from a very stretchy knit. I’ve read several reviews with this type of neckband/sleeveless style and the shoulder areas look really good. What are you guys doing that I’m not? (Besides taking your time and basting to make sure things are accurate. lol) I think I cut a 16 instead of my normal 14 to see if that would remedy the pull lines I seem to be getting at the bust line. Lesson learned. I’ll brush up on the FBA.

Jalie 2787…I just have to laugh! First, I tried finishing the edges a couple of ways…most of which stretched out the fabric. Second, I’m thinking – it’s a knit I shouldn’t have to worry about my 1” LBP alteration. Oh wait, where the heck is the cross…

Sewing Log

(kid-less) Week 1
1 Blouse (cut out in the spring using a high thread-count sateen sheet) – first had to find fabric for blouse fronts because I ran out of fabric (found pillow cases at Target, didn’t realize until it was put together that the whites don’t match), then as I’m ready to put on the collar I can’t remember how I cut the pattern to accommodate buttonholes because I didn’t want to use loops. Collar doesn’t fit neckline. Project on hold until I feel like draggin' out the pattern pieces to figure it out.

1 Knit jersey top – canned. Doesn’t fit, might look good if it did fit. Waste of time and my fault because I just threw it together.

Sewing machine and I are not speaking.

Made pattern alterations and muslins for a skirt and jacket originally planned for a pink, spring suit. I’m pleased with results. I’m making muslins - hooray!

Realized that my "My Pattern" review was the most viewed pattern on PR last week and has been shown periodically on the home page. Wow, I do…

A Funny Thing Happened...

...on the way to my Y class. I was wearing this skirt and a women told me she had a dress made out of the same print that she just loved. I immediately thought I'd met a kindred sewing spirit. No, she bought the dress at Talbots! I checked out their site and couldn't find it but I did run across the fabric here. Or, if you're so inclined you could contact Cutting Room Fabrics with a picture of the fabric and order it there. (I say with a picture because they don't have many fabrics posted online.) Actually, their price in the store is low enough that I'd contact them first. When I was there last week they still had some in stock.

Happy Sewing!

I Love to Plan!

Oh, the possibilities when you start to plan a new wardrobe, the wonderful expectation that everything will get finished, the anticipation of friends admiring the creative effort that goes in to each outfit! After my mega-fabric shopping I spent a few days just looking and planning. Today I've decided that I'm just too late to join any of the August contests on PR, but I'm going to pretend. So, if I were participating in the Mini-Wardrobe contest (something like 4 pieces with 3 different types of garments that make 4 different outfits using 3 different colors.) this is what my entry would look like:

If you read the fine print you'll see that only the pants pattern is current and I refuse to refer to any fashion after 1980 as vintage! So, there is one truly vintage pattern, one current pattern, and all the rest are OOP. (The pattern combination for the charmeuse may change.)

And if I were entering the lined jacket contest my entry would look be this (another OOP, but this…

The Longest Blog

(Yep, this one's a biggy!)

It’s done! Not only did I manage to complete the pattern design and construct the pieces on time, I made an additional top (Simplicity 3887) to give the outfit more of a fall look. Here are the results:

And some of the construction details:

The Belt (fabric covered belt and painted buckle)
The One-Piece Collar
The Mitered Corners, at each slit.
The All-Machine Sewn front facing/hem intersection
I always knew there was a way to do this but had never heard or read anything on it until I found Jackets for Real People by Marta Alto, Sue Neal and Patti Palmer. It’s quite easy to do and I promise I’ll document it the next time I use it. Didn't do it this time because it wasn’t easy to photograph this fabric and then there was that working with a deadline thing.

The Welt Pockets (on the pants) The lining piece shows that it attaches at the CF, waist, and side seam.

If you’re interested in the pattern-making process, you can take a look at my progress for each w…