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I think I’m going to do it. Join the SWAP (sewing with a plan) contest at Stitcher’s Guild , that is. I was pretty sure that with all the fabric and patterns I was purchasing for the fall I’d have all the required pieces to put together at least one wardrobe plan. And, I was right! This plan took me about one evening to put together and I’ve already purchased all the patterns and fabrics – woohoo! The twist this year is that is must be “A wardrobe which reflects a week in your REAL LIFE”. For me this will mean clothes for work, which is 95% of what I sew anyway.

The SWAP discussions have been reorganized too. I think it will be much easier to find a discussion thread.

Here’s a quick summary of the plan. (I need to draw out my pattern pictures when I’m organizing a plan. I just can't seem to visualize it as easily with a pattern envelope. The computerized version with the pattern line drawings is coming soon…)

Here are this year's rules:Each SWAP must consist of 11 garments, whic…

Trying to Catch Up

Monday gave me the perfect time to get caught up, well, mostly caught up.
Before I start does anybody know why my Outlook Express doesn’t work? (The error says: The connection to the server has failed. Account: 'OEmail', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E)Or, why when I try to respond to blog questions through e-mail, it automatically goes to Outlook Express? I really want to get back to you but I have a TT (temper tantrum) everytime I see the OE box pop up.
Here are answers to some recent blog questions.
Summerset, of course you can steal the idea. And, I can’t believe that two of you noticed my box of plastic bags was the tiny sandwich size! I’m not so particular about the size anymore, just happened to have these on hand.
And, a couple more non-sewing, sewing items that I forgot to include.

I use the brush to clean out my machine instead of the one that came with it. The press and seal – I use for…

Vintage Alert!

This just in: Sheila at Out of the Ashes is offering 10% off all purchases. Just use the coupon code LEANMEAN. Thanks Sheila! Enjoy your shopping!

No time to chat, but if you're a vintage fanatic you've got to check out the items posted on Out of The Ashes yesterday. Mine are already in the mail.