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Just a "checking-in" note. I'm still around just barely managing to find anytime to sew. The state of education is a mess around here and it's eating up all my time. On top of that, I checked my Feedly account in August and all, I mean ALL of the blogs I read were gone. I had just updated it a few weeks earlier to add some new bloggers. UGH, now I haven't even been able to see what everyone else is doing.

I've managed to get a few things sewn but even fewer pictures. Here are a couple to prove it :)

New Look 6793

And a beautiful pair of navy wool pants. Unfortunately, I have no idea what pattern I used. I'm pretty sure it's one I've used before - probably a Simplicity or Vogue.

Lastly, please do whatever you can to prevent the privatization of our schools, and the unbelievable teacher evaluations and student testing expectations that our politicians (mostly non-educators) are implementing. They are not the answer. Check out Diane Ravitch's blo…