Sunday, January 13, 2013


Finally started sewing the one piece of fabric I wanted to tackle during my Christmas break. I managed to cut out the main pieces on the last day of break but you know, sewing is a lot like painting a room. You can't wait to do the painting and see the results but there's so much prep work. This weekend I cut out the lining, fusible interfacing and organza, then fused everything. Saturday night I finally got to sew.

Hoping to write an actual review for this one when it's done. Here are a couple of teaser pix.

Crossing my fingers that I'll have a new outfit for church (because that's usually my Saturday night goal) soon!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

No More Excuses

Hmmm, just looked over my posts from 2012 and it was pretty sad in both quantity and quality. Hardly any of them were actually about sewing! Many were just excuses for why I didn't have anything to share. Well, for this post I've decided to end the year with some actual finished sewing projects!

Vogue 8772 Let's start at the end with this chambray shirt. (Technically finished on 2013 but I'm not the technical type.) I hardly ever think to use Pattern Review as a resource but when I remember it's very helpful. This pattern was purchased before the research but it looked like many people had success with it. A nice classic, fitted blouse with darts (I'm just really not a fan of the princess seam).

Well, just look for the lines, they point to all the problems. Apparently the full bust adjustment I made wasn't quite enough, and the upper arm width I added wasn't quite enough, and even though others felt the sleeves were too long (which is why I didn't add any length to mine), they weren't quite long enough for me. They may look like they're long enough in the picture but they don't meet my "reach" length and within the first five minutes of wearing it I had to unbutton the cuffs. The more I looked at the fabric the more I decided it just looks like a dark blue oxford cloth instead of an authentic chambray. Having said all that, I wore it yesterday under a sweater and it wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I'll keep it until I replace it or it just starts to bother me too much!

Butterick 6861 (OOP or vintage depending on when you were born ;) I really love this one...even though I put the buttons way too close to the edge. The fabric is a silk charmeuse leftover from my Minneapolis days - guess that makes the fabric vintage too!
During my years of sewing, including the year this pattern was new, I was on a quest to find this style of blouse. I could never find one that was easy, fit my bust, and had buttonholes instead of loops. Don't know how this one escaped me the first time around. The only design change I made was to raise the neckline slightly. The only fitting change was a full bust adjustment. I probably should start adding a sway back adjustment but I keep trying to tell myself I just need to make the hips wider. Also, I don't usually remember this until I'm taking pictures!

McCall's 6866 (OOP/vintage) yuk. The armholes were waaaaayyy too tight even after I made adjustments to the pattern. To me, the collar doesn't look like the pattern cover at all. It has more of a curve to the outside edge. When I cut it out (summer of 2011), it was going to be a dress. Yuk. If UFO's didn't bother me so much I never would have finished this. I cut off the extra length to try and save it. Even though the fabric (from Janie's) is really nice, it's way too stiff for the look I wanted for this top.
I didn't finish it till right before school started and it's still in my closet but I don't think it will be there for very long in 2013.

Simplicity 2700 (Current!) I made this pair of black pants in 2009 that I absolutely love. Well, I wanted to duplicate them with this gorgeous royal blue wool I've had for a few years. I always knew I wanted to make a pair of pants with the fabric but wasn't confident that the rest of the world was ready to for them (i.e., I didn't want anyone making fun of me!). Seeing how almost every store in the country is selling blue pants this year, I decided I would finally be brave enough to make a pair of my own.
Even though they are all wrinkled in the pictures from a long day of work, I'm really please with the fit. Again I followed Peggy Sagers method for fitting and bravely sewed about 1-1/2" down from the CB top seam. The pattern looks very strange, but it works on me. I added belt loops to this pair, you know, so I could add a belt to the look!

For a very long time I avoided the trend of low-rise pants. When I finally caved and made my first pairs, I found that I hate where the waistband hits me and really don't think it is flattering on my curvy body at all. I like to wear blouses with my pants and if the waistband hits me in the hip area I feel like a box. Even though this is a really good pattern - especially the pockets - I don't know if I'll make it again. I'm ready to go back to a waistband at my waist.

Well, it's not the prettiest post ever but at least it's about sewing. I'm off to see if I can get at least one sewing  project done before school starts again on Monday.

Happy New Sewing Year to you all!