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A New Kind of SWAP

Have I mentioned that I heart ? Well, I do. Recently she put together pieces for a vacation at the shore that expanded to become an entire casual summer wardrobe. This is why I love her posts. There it was, a basic plan for all the summer clothes I'll need to play, run around, and still look put-together. I just need to put my own spin on it.

So here's step one of my interpretation of her plan. (Keep in mind that it's July and I haven't touched my sewing machine since....hmmm.....Easter? Like many others, house maintenance is my first priority this summer. That and renewing my teacher license which means taking a few classes. Oh yea, then there's the kids...oh yea, and then there's that broken foot I got last week.) Her first post is here and you can sneak a peek here to see how she turns into enough clothes for a summer wardrobe.

Sorry, no pics for my plan yet. Well, I have them but they're still in my head so I can…