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(I-O. If you've every lived in my neck of the woods you know what that title means but it's really not what this post is about.)

Here's why I haven't sewn much. My DH who's never been much of a D and is now an X made my summer a living H. He didn't drag out as long as possible (at times threatened up to 3 years) and he didn't force us both to spend every penny we had, but there was too much fear and anxiety to enjoy much of anything. I did lots of fun things this summer but had this H cloud hanging over every activity.

Anyway, aside from that and aside from my daughter breaking her arm, and my car requiring around $500 worth of repairs the first week of school, and the fact that they haven't given me any band classes yet, and that I didn't get paid last Friday like I was supposed to, and that I think I now have bronchitis and will have to spend a sick day at home with my X; aside from all that I believe in a better life for all of us. The bad things h…