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Happiness is a New Machine

Santa came a little early to my house. Funny thing though he only brought one present...for me!

TaDa! - Way to go Santa! A Craigslist find. I think it's about six years old which I don't mind at all since it will be replacing my 3-thread serger that's somewhere around 20 years old. (Yes, they made sergers for home sewists 20 years ago. Don't doubt me, I was there~!) I was looking for at least a 4-thread but this is way more than that. It's a Singer QuantumLock so it does all the serger stuff and converts to a coverstitch. I could never quite justify the money for a coverstitch because I didn't think I'd use it that much. But, hey! Now I've got two for one at what I thought was a great price ($200). If that's not a good price, please don't tell me. I read that a lot of people don't like to switch back and forth but I'm will to give it a try.

As a second Christmas surprise, I ordered thread (I've also been serging with thread that'…