Friday, December 14, 2012

Happiness is a New Machine

Santa came a little early to my house. Funny thing though he only brought one present...for me!

TaDa! - Way to go Santa! A Craigslist find. I think it's about six years old which I don't mind at all since it will be replacing my 3-thread serger that's somewhere around 20 years old. (Yes, they made sergers for home sewists 20 years ago. Don't doubt me, I was there~!) I was looking for at least a 4-thread but this is way more than that. It's a Singer QuantumLock so it does all the serger stuff and converts to a coverstitch. I could never quite justify the money for a coverstitch because I didn't think I'd use it that much. But, hey! Now I've got two for one at what I thought was a great price ($200). If that's not a good price, please don't tell me. I read that a lot of people don't like to switch back and forth but I'm will to give it a try.

As a second Christmas surprise, I ordered thread (I've also been serging with thread that's 20 years old too. I know, I know...) from Wawak on Wednesday and it came TODAY!! That's two days from order to delivery. Can't wait to try out this baby. I mean for real try it on a garment.

P.S. - When I told my son that I gave myself and early Christmas present he went on and on about that was just not right because now it won't even be a surprise. Love him.


velosewer said...

He's still loves Christmas and if Santa delivered this to you early, then there's lots less weight in the sleigh for other presents.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Congrats on getting such a wonderful early Christmas present!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Congratulations on the new serger! I foresee many happy miles of sewing together.

Nadine said...

A combined serger/coverstitch machine is definitely on my wishlist. Ennjoy!