Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Is It Too Vintage??

In a whirlwind of sewing on Tuesday I almost completed my vintage coat Wednesday night. (I really thought I'd be done with it by now but have had a two-night buttonhole breakdown! They're still not done.) This is the pattern that I took all that time to re-size last October.
Then I tried it on. Hmmmmm

My first impression was that I looked like someone who got a great deal on a vintage coat at a second-hand store. That is not exactly the look I was going for. So, is it too vintage?

(looks really odd without a scarf - or maybe I just need to balance it out with a hat!) The buttons are just pinned on right now because of my buttonhole issues.

Oh well functionally, it's exactly what I wanted. A medium-weight coat for running around during the fall/winter.

Here are some of the details:

  • Call me vain, but I LOVE how my pockets turned out! I didn't want to topstitch the welts but when I've hand-stitched them before it hasn't been very durable.
    I ended up hand stitching them from the wrong-side of the jacket using a back-stitch. The first one was so strong I couldn't pull it apart, so that's what I stayed with.
  • I didn't realize until I cut out the sleeves that I was running out of fabric. So the sleeves will remain at this too-short-for-me length.

The coat calls for 3 gigantic buttons. I used two because a.) I had them in my stash and b.) they remind me of my grandmother ;) I'll be keeping my eye out for a set of three buttons that are the same size and match better.

  • I used Gigi's recent tutorial for that lining-facing-hem intersection on the front. I think I've almost got the process memorized - love it!

Here's my blouse that I started ummmm, I think it was in October and hoped to finish in one day. I finished it completely on the 24th...of this month.

By the time I was ready to wear it, it just needed a few extra buttons.

This is New Look 6783 (OOP). I was inspired to make it because of another blogger - thanks Nancy! I just loved her blouse and really loved it paired with the white skirt. According to the guy at the fabric store this is a linen that has been treated on one side to create the shine. Shiny but not in-your-face shiny. Love it.

Not too many sewing details (that I can remember).

  • I added a strip of fusible interfacing at the shoulder seam. After the sleeve was attached it looked like the shoulders seam was growing and starting to look like a dropped sleeve.
  • The button situation isn't pretty. But who cares? It's all covered up! I used what I had available but it turned out they were spaced way too far apart. Since I ended up finishing this on Christmas Eve day (so I could wear to church that night) at my mom's house. But, I forgot to bring my additional buttons and had to use what she had on hand. It's not too pretty under that lap.

So, I was able to put together a real live honest to goodness sewing post on the last day of this year. Well, here's to you 2010. May you roll over, fall in a deep hole, get buried, and never be spoken of again ;) Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year. I mean a full 365 days of wonderfulness!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sewing stuff (no pix :( )

Thanks to my parents I have a full day-and-a-half of guilt-free time. Of course, I'm in a sewing frame of mind but just wanted to take time to share this cool link from Peggy Sagers (no affiliation). I was so curious when I read my e-mail invitation, I actually I interrupted my productive sewing time to watch this and was so impressed! She's probably not the first person to do this, but it's the first one I've seen. I definitely will be trying pants fitting after my vintage jacket is done. (I'm so tempted to join both the vintage and jacket sew-alongs. After all I could accomplish both in one day....before the new year even!)

I hate posting without pictures especially when I have finished garments, but right now I've got to sew! Will try and get pix up later today.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

News Flash

JoAnn's Buyout!

Maybe you know this already but...I just heard it on the news. Since I live less than 30min. away from JoAnn's headquarters thought I'd share what the local press is saying.

Good news? Bad news? What do you think? Well, who's thinking about that kind of stuff now anyway? I'm just trying to figure out if I should make my buttonholes (for my Christmas Eve outfit blouse) tonight or tomorrow. Just saw the clock. It will be tomorrow.

Happy hope-you-find-time-to-sew Holidays to all!