Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sewing stuff (no pix :( )

Thanks to my parents I have a full day-and-a-half of guilt-free time. Of course, I'm in a sewing frame of mind but just wanted to take time to share this cool link from Peggy Sagers (no affiliation). I was so curious when I read my e-mail invitation, I actually I interrupted my productive sewing time to watch this http://www.livestream.com/silhouettepatterns and was so impressed! She's probably not the first person to do this, but it's the first one I've seen. I definitely will be trying pants fitting after my vintage jacket is done. (I'm so tempted to join both the vintage and jacket sew-alongs. After all I could accomplish both in one day....before the new year even!)

I hate posting without pictures especially when I have finished garments, but right now I've got to sew! Will try and get pix up later today.

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