Friday, February 26, 2010


Finally, A SNOW DAY for pretty much all of NE Ohio! It's just been killin' me to read about all the snow days (wanted or not) that are happening to the east, to the south, and to the north of us. We haven't even come close to needing one. We've gotten a decent amount of snow but it's come down so slowly that travel hasn't been a problem.

So today we all get to play!

I'm joining the Compliments Guaranteed Party with my coat-of-many colors.

Fun facts:
This coat is close to 20 yrs. old (yikes! I can't even believe that one, try to ignore the pilling ;) )

The plaid on the right side of this fabric doesn't match the plaid on the wrong side. The pattern is the same just not the colors which means that it's pretty much a miracle I got the plaids to match! And believe me, they match...everywhere horizontally, vertically, bound buttonholes and welt pockets!

I made the entire coat in one weekend. Bought and cut the fabric Friday night, sewed all day Saturday, added the buttons on Sunday. (I think it took 18hrs total. This was a time in my life when I was timing my projects.)

90% of the time when I wear this, someone pays me a compliment.

The pictures aren't so great as I took them when I first started blogging.

Speaking of pictures, I read some helpful tips about camera settings at What I Wore Today. She gives some easy adjustments to make when taking pictures of clothing indoors and I decided to try them out. I have a very basic camera (Traveler - Aldi's special) and was able to find all the functions she mentions on my camera without even looking at the manual. It would have been nice do all this from one of the photo spots in my house on a live person, but from where I'm sitting at the computer this morning I can easily just turn around and take a picture without have to even stand up! (Some of the pictures are blurry because obviously, I was too lazy to go get the tripod.) Anyway, here's a comparison of my experiment. Photo #2 is probably closest to the actual color of the fabric.

Thanks to everyone's for the kind words regarding my grandmother's house. I know that deep down what I really miss is my grandmother and all the memories of the time we spent with her. And...I've still got those!

Monday, February 15, 2010

310 Lake Street

It's a sad day for me. Before I mention the heartbreaking news let me say that no one was hurt, my grandmother passed away years ago, and her house was sold soon after she died. The sad news is that last night her house was destroyed by fire. (If you click the Multimedia tab you can see more pictures.) (This article shows the "before" picture.)

This house was the "home base" for my mom's family for at least three generations. We visited every year. It was my home-away-from-home while I went to college in Minnesota. Eau Claire has never felt the same since my grandmother died but at least the house was there as a reminder. The news articles don't mention that on the other three corners of this intersection there are three more beautiful (even bigger), landmark historic homes. How will we ever be able to face that intersection without Nana's house?

I know that there are many worse things that could have happened. My heart goes out to the people, mostly students, that lost everything including their home. I know that it's just a house and that a house doesn't replace a family, or a memory. But it's still sad, very, very sad.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

They're Just Words.

So here’s what happened. I spent about 45 minutes typing a clever post about my sewing and life in general. (I was typing in word and planned on cut and pasting it.) I had to run downstairs and decided I wouldn’t bother saving the file because I’d be right back.

Downstairs I find DD (8) frantically trying to clean up a failed baking soda experiment before I found out about it. By the time I got back upstairs DS (7) was on the computer looking up pictures of tornadoes.

Me: Where’s my file?
Him: It’s gone.
Me: Did you shrink it liked I showed you yesterday?
Him: No.
Me: It’s just gone?
Him: Yes.

So you get what you get – the abbreviated version.

A sewing puzzle – my current soon to be finished project

My previous completed project (took almost two weeks to finish – ugh – not difficult just too busy).

I will definitely use the collar/lapel seam allowance treatment (from the current Threads issue - Get The Edge) that I referenced in my previous post. Because, this is the first time I’ve gotten this part of the lapel to stay tucked underneath.

I love everything about the vest except the length. It hits at just the wrong spot. Don’t know how/if I’ll ever try and fix that.

p.s. Check out the Sundance channel if you get it. They’ve been showing a bunch of sewing/fashion/designer documentaries including Signe Chanel of internet and youtube fame.