Friday, April 12, 2013

Sewing, It’s a Head Game.

Sewing’s not just skill, it’s a head game and right now I’m on the losing end! It’s seems like it’s been at least a year since I’ve made a garment without some stupid mistake. This time it’s my lovely gold suit. The first mistake was that I really should have interfaced all the pieces. The wool is very soft and drapey and it just needs more structure. The second mistake, which I didn’t discover until I took the pictures and studied them a bit. I’m 99% sure the sleeves were put in backwards. Yup, backwards sleeves. See those lines on the sleeves? I’ve made this jacket before and it didn’t have those lines. Sigh. The final stupid mistake was that after I made all the buttonholes and added the buttons – which were really hard to match with this color – I remembered I needed one more for the back. This I didn’t have. I didn’t have the additional button and had no idea when or where I bought the four that were on the front. (Probably JoAnn’s but in the last year they have completely restocked their buttons making it very unlikely that I will find another one there. Plus, I just hate going there lately. They’ve “updated” my store and I hate it. Can’t put my finger on any one thing, just know that I hate it.) Wait! There's one more mistake - I also messed up (cut it out wrong) the vent in the skirt! It looks okay on the outside but I won't be posting any pictures of the inside!

My head game stems from trying to capture what my sewing life used to be. The life I had when I truly earned the name “Lean Mean Sewing Machine” and would easily have made this suit in a weekend (my weekends always start on Friday night). I have always had a project-oriented personality. Before kids, and before a mentally draining job, this worked well for me. Now it has become my nemesis. I still work one project at a time but the gaps of construction time are so long, I forget what I’ve already done! Did I cut this with a 3/8” seam or 5/8”? Sigh.

So, I made this suit. I like, not love, it. I’ve purchased a few pieces (prints) that I thought would go with it. For the most part, when I get them home, they don’t. I toiled for probably two years before I committed to what I thought would be the best jacket pattern and now I'm not sure what blouse necklines work best with it. I’ve worn the skirt with black and light blue and just noticed that it’s really pretty with my royal blue. The skirt will get a lot of wear, not so sure about the jacket. But, that could be because the skirt’s been done for a month and they jacket has become is still hanging on the dress form. We’ll see.

I've got more to post but time's not on my side. Happy sewing! Be sure to keep your head in the game!