Friday, February 13, 2009

Life is busy and it seems I've been at some level of "sick" since November. My hair and I were not speaking to each other until about a week ago. Hence, the one month (argh!) absence.

First of all: too short? too young? both? belt? no belt? I made this because I wanted something other than a sweatshirt to wear in a cold, old house. It's not very flattering with my jeans so I thought I'd put it together with some black lycra pants. I like it much better than the jeans but... not sure if I'll actually wear it out of the house!

Okay, in an attempt to get a post done in less than two hours I decided to try a blog-video. It's rough, has bad lighting, you can't see the garments very well, probably can't understand what I'm saying, and well, my list goes on. But it's a NEW POST so just keep this in mind as you watch :) I had some techno problems that turned it into two videos so, of course, it took more than two hours to put together, way more than two hours!

I'm sure this will eventually be the inspiration for one of those "I can't believe I put that on my blog" posts!

Thanks to Diana and Alexandra for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Rather than nominate the seven, I've updated my Daily Visitation by adding at least that many more to the list.