Saturday, January 7, 2012

Buried Treasure

Today I emptied one of those closets. A closet that is just plain full and hasn't been cleaned for 10 years. Among other things I found these treasures.

The treasure is not in what they are worth but the fabulous memories some of them hold. McCall's 8532 is from 1962 and I still have some of the outfits that my mom made from this pattern. When I found the McCall's pattern for Barbie furniture I also found all the fabric that I used to make this for two of my nieces. (I have a couple of pix but it was before everything was digital.) And as I told my daughter, it was a time when I didn't think I'd ever my own little girl to sew for. I loved making all these things. Everytime Sharon does a Barbie post I remember making all those doll clothes and I want to do more. Then reality daughter likes (not loves) Barbie and she's close to growing out of playing with her dolls...I can't even find the time to make clothes for me! Oh well, I'll just settle for the memories.

I worked very diligently on a basic black jacket during my winter break and finished it but pictures aren't ready yet. Instead I'll share our happiest Christmas present, Trisket.

He's a havanese-poodle mix, small and smart and a perfect addition to our family!