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Non-Sewing Stuff

Well, not all non-sewing....My linen dress made it to the Natural Fabrics Fashion Show at the sewing expo in Michigan! Yay! I'm going to try my best to make it there IRL, but just don't know if I can. I don't even care if I can't wear the dress I just want to meet some online buddies! We'll see what happens.

I made it through the first two days of school. Another, Yay! Lots of improvements going on in my building because we are almost doubling the numbers of faculty and students. Somewhere in all the improvements all the desks and chairs in my room disappeared! Hmmm. Luckily after 15 years in this district I'm prepared; found folding chairs and already had clipboards for the students to use. But, the BIG news about the first day is that since there are three high schools merging into one (my) building this year, it is kind of in the spotlight (this is my way of telling you what's happening without all the the nitty gritty details - and they are gritty!). So,…

Sewing Is Going On!

I once owned a long, straight, white skirt with pockets and I wore it to death. I’ve been meaning to replace it for years. I’m hoping this skirt is the answer.

Patterns (I think both are OOP) Vogue 8424 (for pockets only) and Vogue 8427 – I’ve made the long version of this about three times and with that slit, it’s one of the sexiest skirts ever! Just watch it when you sit down ;)
Fabric - Can’t remember where the fabric is from but it’s a mid-weight cotton with a little stretch and it’s lined with a poly from JA’s.
Design – I decided to keep the waistband because I knew I would want to wear it with a belt. Just kind of winged it with the belt loops and I think you can see, they didn’t fit the belt, at least not this belt…or three others I tried. I knew I had to be careful with the slit so I lowered the opening 1-1/2”.
I just love how the pockets are almost invisible on this when they’re not being used. The openings just happen to fall right in line with the hip line or something. And, th…