Saturday, February 13, 2010

They're Just Words.

So here’s what happened. I spent about 45 minutes typing a clever post about my sewing and life in general. (I was typing in word and planned on cut and pasting it.) I had to run downstairs and decided I wouldn’t bother saving the file because I’d be right back.

Downstairs I find DD (8) frantically trying to clean up a failed baking soda experiment before I found out about it. By the time I got back upstairs DS (7) was on the computer looking up pictures of tornadoes.

Me: Where’s my file?
Him: It’s gone.
Me: Did you shrink it liked I showed you yesterday?
Him: No.
Me: It’s just gone?
Him: Yes.

So you get what you get – the abbreviated version.

A sewing puzzle – my current soon to be finished project

My previous completed project (took almost two weeks to finish – ugh – not difficult just too busy).

I will definitely use the collar/lapel seam allowance treatment (from the current Threads issue - Get The Edge) that I referenced in my previous post. Because, this is the first time I’ve gotten this part of the lapel to stay tucked underneath.

I love everything about the vest except the length. It hits at just the wrong spot. Don’t know how/if I’ll ever try and fix that.

p.s. Check out the Sundance channel if you get it. They’ve been showing a bunch of sewing/fashion/designer documentaries including Signe Chanel of internet and youtube fame.


Faye Lewis said...

Wowm- the collar is perfect!

a little sewing on the side said...

yeah, that collar looks perfect. cute story about ds!!

gwensews said...

Nice lapel. That's an area that if not done perfectly can ruin an otherwise beautiful garment. Nice job!

meredithp said...

Judy Barlup, who wrote that article is THE best sewing instructor I've ever had the pleasure of working with. And yes, your lapel looks great (and it's a fool proof method). I'e done two weeks with Judy and a couple of other one or two day seminars, and she is a delight. I also have her tailoring video (and several accompanying booklets). If you are interested in tailoring a jacket, start to finish, it's great. Actually, it's one of the best sewing videos I've ever seen. NAYY, just a satisfied student and customer.