Wednesday, September 8, 2010


(I-O. If you've every lived in my neck of the woods you know what that title means but it's really not what this post is about.)

Here's why I haven't sewn much. My DH who's never been much of a D and is now an X made my summer a living H. He didn't drag out as long as possible (at times threatened up to 3 years) and he didn't force us both to spend every penny we had, but there was too much fear and anxiety to enjoy much of anything. I did lots of fun things this summer but had this H cloud hanging over every activity.

Anyway, aside from that and aside from my daughter breaking her arm, and my car requiring around $500 worth of repairs the first week of school, and the fact that they haven't given me any band classes yet, and that I didn't get paid last Friday like I was supposed to, and that I think I now have bronchitis and will have to spend a sick day at home with my X; aside from all that I believe in a better life for all of us. The bad things have happened not to ruin our lives but to save them (ok, I read that in "O" magazine this month but it seemed to fit). X will be around for 29 more days and then my new life will begin.

Oh yea, Saturday we (mom, kids, me) will make the pink walk again. Survivor - Year #6. That is, I'll make it if I'm not too sick to walk. Ugh.

P.S.- DD, who really is a D, got her cast off today! Poor thing, she didn't want it to come off because she was afraid it hadn't healed yet. Once she saw they X-ray she was okay with it. Just needed a little confirmation. She has a splint to wear at school and orders not to do any running yet, but she can swim, and she can bathe by herself - woohoo - mom is soooo glad about that!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I'm sorry that this has been a horrible summer for you but you are almost at the end! 29 days and you'll be free!!!

I hope you'll feel better and able to make the walk on Saturday!

Debbie Cook said...

Here's to Autumn and new, happier beginnings!

Faye Lewis said...

So sorry you had to endure all of that. Here's to a new chapter, or a whole new book - you decide how it's written.

Vicki said...

yes, here is to new beginnings. Wishing you all the best.

Dana said...

Thanks all! I'm all for new beginnings, this one is taking like foooooreeeeeveeeeerrrr to get going!