Thursday, August 28, 2008

Threads and Ranting

I got my new issue of Threads and it looks so exciting!! I've only read the cover and half of the editor's note. A tour of Ralph Rucci's atelier from Claire Shaeffer and Judith Neukam, and how to grade a pattern for the perfect fit - how does this sound? Anybody else as excited about this issue as me?

Now the ranting. About Fashion Fabrics Club. I've been trying to match a knit jersey with some purple wool crepe. When I started my search they had a huge selection of purple/eggplant/burgundies. Past experiences have taught me that the colors are not always as they appear, but I decided to take a chance anyway and ordered one jersey knit. No match but I decided to keep the fabric because it does go with other pieces. Next, I decided to order samples. While being a logical decision the super-ultra-mega slow cutting and shipping process was driving me insane!! I wouldn't go anywhere when it was time for the mail to be delivered. And, everyday that it wasn't delivered was another day that my perfect fabric may be sold out when I was ready to order it! AAARGH! The 1/8-yd. samples come - no match.

Now what. I do a little "Dana math" in my head: 5 1/8yd samples + minimum shipping of 4.95 + 10 days of stress-filled, sold-out fabric fear = I'm not doin' that one again. Hmmmm, next equation: Order the desired length of the two remaining purples (if I have a match, I'll have enough for a garment) + return the piece/pieces that don't match for the cost of shipping = well, I don't know what it equals, but that's what I did. It took the stress out of waiting for my fabric. And, I've got a match!!

Dear Fashion Fabrics Club,
Why does it take 5 days to cut the fabric? Why does it take another 5 days to ship the fabric from St. Louis to Ohio (the actual route is St. Louis, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ohio)? I love the selection, I love the prices, I hate that the fabric swatches don't match the actual fabric, and I hate the time it takes to receive the order.

Anyone else care to share a little FFC venting?


Kristine said...

Glad to hear you got a match... sorry to hear it was such a frustrating process! I've never ordered from them, but I've dealt with other online sources that just take too darn long, so I understand. Look at the bright side: in the end, you got what you wanted!

toni said...

you are so right!! of all the online fabric sources that i have used FFC definitely takes the longest. at first i thought i was spoiled by (i live near them, so shipments get here within a couple of days), but after shopping other places, i am convinced that FFC just has a really (possibly outdated) order fulfillment process.

Lindsay T said...

FFC: horrible customer service. Yuck. Have you ever tried calling Kashi at Metro Textiles? Tell him you are a Pattern Review member and that your friend Lindsay T sent you. He always works better when you can be very specific about what you're looking for. He many not have exactly what you want but his prices are so good that you usually don't mind compromising. He'll also send swatches if he's not too busy and thinks you're serious.

C_Fabrication said...

Another store with very high quality fabrics and a swatching service is Banksville Designer Fabrics in CT

But I don't know how quick their service is.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Okay I'm not venting...nodding my head yes at some of the comments but this is my take on FFC - Don't order from them if you want "instant gratification!"

It ain't gonna happen, no way, no how. They are who I go to when I happen to find a piece of material because I'm in the mood for a little internet fabric shopping...also they have a TON of everything...but NEVER EVER use them for instant gratification!!!

I order from them knowing that I won't see that fabric for at least 2 weeks...and they seem to be fine with their fulfillment system as it is...*sigh*