Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beautiful Fabric – A Timeline

  1. I’ve had a crush on this fabric since the first time I saw it.

  2. Carolyn made it into a skirt.

  3. I found it at Janie’s booth during a Sewing Expo

  4. I made it into this.
    Looking at the picture now it doesn’t look so bad, but it didn’t wear well. The neckline was too low for my comfort and the sides have slits that slide up even further every time you sit down. Too much to worry about.

  5. Recycled it into this (Simplicity 4149.
    It’s nice and wearable but I think it looks kind of funny with shorts. Good with pants but I don’t wear too many pants in the summertime.

  6. I found more of it at Janie’s on my fabric excursion this spring and just had to have it so I could try again.

  7. Ta Da! A dress I like. (Hmmmm. I think I like it. Now that I've seen these pictures I'm not so sure.)

    Pattern: Very Easy Vogue 8486
    Fabric: Rayon print from Janie's Sewing Corner

    Pattern Adjustments: Originally, none. But after putting it together I raised the hem by 4-5" (sorry, I don't really measure these things - I just cut).

    Construction notes: Because this pattern is made for knits and my fabric isn't knit, I cut it out one size larger. This worked for everything except the armhole. I had to open up the front curve and underarm curve by 1/2" (after it was finished).

    App. Prep time: 1/2 hour to cut and iron on interfacing.

    App. Sewing time: 3-1/2 hours. I sooo wanted to make this to wear at my sewing workshop last weekend. But sometimes, when you don't come up with the idea or start a project until 9:00 p.m. the night just doesn't work out that way.

    Real-life time: 5 days. I started it last Saturday night and finished it last night.

    Miss Alaney: See timeline :) I made it shorter than I normally would for a dress because I intend to wear it as an everyday dress this summer (i.e. I won’t be wearing it to work unless it looks good as a tunic).

wink wink ;) - see how short it gets in the back when you bend over? It's something to think about.

Ha! Two posts in one week. That's a record for me this year, woohoo! Oh, did I mention my kids are at an overnight camp for one entire week? Celebrating now because the party's almost over ;)


velosewer said...

You are a keen sewer:)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I don't understand why you con't like the dress?! I mean it's really cute on and I bet its comfortable to wear too!

Dana said...

Velosewer - thx!

Carolyn, I do like the dress, I just don't like the pictures. I think it has to do with me standing still for the photo. When I'm in motion I think it's (hopefully) more flattering than the pic.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I love a story with a happy ending! I can see why you love the fabric, and it makes a really cute dress.

Lynneb said...

So, SO pretty! Two garments from such a nice fabric! how lucky for you!