Friday, September 9, 2016

Too Much!

I've bought too much. Too much fabric and too many patterns. But so many possibilities!!

This is what happened when I cleaned off the tables by my sewing area. Lots of ideas but no plan. So, I'm on the computer tonight instead of sewing.

I bought my usual August/Sept. Fashion magazines. Out of all three magazines I found five pages of inspiration and what do you know, I have fabric already on hand for each of them.
(I was too lazy to pull out the camel fabric for the coat ideas but I have it in duplicate - actual coating and wool suiting in the same color. Thank you SR Harris.)

The navy windowpane fabric is something I had before I moved to Cleveland. That means 1) it's from SR Harris in Minneapolis and, 2) it's been waiting for just the right pattern, and 3) it's been in the stash since at least 1995!

No sewing here. Only organizing and planning.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I thought it was just me because I use to pull so many pages from the September magazines as inspiration. This time I pulled 3. Though your table with the fabric and inspiration patterns makes me want to sew. I hope you share your makes with us. Sew it and blog it and we will come! *smile*

Dana said...

Thanks for your encouraging words Carolyn! I may not have been commenting, but I continue to follow your journey.