Bloop. Just Like That I Have SWOAP (sewing withOUT a plan) Wardrobe!

The base of this wardrobe is my amazing-pattern-matching most recent outfit. That’s right it’s an outfit, not a jumpsuit. This fabric has been basking away in my stash since I’m guessing 2002? (I know this because it was purchased from the fabulous S.R. Harris in Minneapolis after I returned to Ohio.) In all that time I had no idea what to make until I saw this fabulous jumpsuit, and later on a long-sleeved blouse. After at least 1-1/2 years of thinking, considering, and analyzing, I decided this fabric would serve me better in two pieces rather than one. Would have preferred a long-sleeve blouse but didn’t have quite enough fabric for that.)
Follow the lines my friends. I can't believe how well my windowpanes match!
Even the lines in back match!!           (I did not plan this.)

I CAN wear it with this jacket from last year but, um, the fit is a little bit loose because of my healthy eating plan (#Fasterwaytofatloss)

Both the ivory Ginger Jeans, and the suede top are recent makes. Will definitely
add something at the neck to complete the look. 

Won't wear it like this, but that jacket is so awesome! Will have to post a better combo soon.

(Blurry and very yellowy) I wore this and loved the idea, but it felt sooooo matronly. Must find different way to accessorize. These are solid navy pants that were in the "I just can't part with you even though you don't fit" pile. But now they fit :) 

Vogue 8537 pants,  I have no idea how I missed this pattern before now. Love the shape of the leg. Oh, and I altered the pattern, cut the whole thing out, and THEN read the pattern envelop to see that is for stretch fabrics…mostly. My fabric has no stretch. It worked anyway.

The “vintage/#iamnotvintage because I'm not that old” blouse pattern is one I’ve made before. If you have and decide to use this pattern, the sleeve in view is deceiving. It is not a billowy loose-fitting, let’s go bowling, kind of sleeve. More like a high armscye, mostly keep your arms down-type of sleeve.

The rest is a pictoral. I mean, the rest is a poor picture-quality, lots of fill-light, I just want to post something, pictorial of all the pieces I’ve made in the past two months that somehow make a wardrobe!


You have been sewing up a storm. Like all of your pieces and if the scarf is too matronly try a funky necklace from H&M or Forever 21 - I think you can get one online since we're practicing distance from each other. Otherwise there's loads of other spots. But I really love that you're sewing again and enjoying it!
Dana said…
Thanks Carolyn! I don't know what came over me but I too am loving all my new clothes.

Updating this blog yesterday was part of my effort to get my head back into sewing. Haven't sewn anything since December because of teacher stress :( This year I have an evaluator that's trying to rate me "ineffective(F)" and it has pushed me over the edge. Hoping this social distancing has some positive effects like more sewing and job-stress recovery!