Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Buried Treasure!

I'm proud of my minimal stash - both patterns and fabric. My patterns fill two dresser drawers and my fabric fills three. At some point in the last two years, I had decided that I really didn't need to buy anymore patterns. That's right, within my stash I could find something that, with a few adjustments, could become my fashion vision. (HAH!) Then I discovered Pattern Review.

Long story short - last weekend I decided it was time to purge my stash to make room for all my new patterns. For my pattern filing system I separate my envelopes from the instructions and file them each separately. To begin the purging process I first pull all the envelopes that I know I won't use again then go to the drawer with all the patterns (filed numerically) and pull out the "guts". As I'm doing this I discover all sorts of patterns without matching envelopes, and many of them look like garments I want to sew right now! Some may even be considered, dare I say, vintage. Woohoo! I didn't keep them all, just the ones that I thought I would actually use.


cidell said...

I wish I was a good enough seamstress to alter patterns. That's really my goal. In the mean time, I'm happy to keep trying out new things! Your new patterns look like winners!

Marji said...

That Vogue 1048 looks like it has a dynamite skirt too.
I see you're on the same peplum sort of a kick I am - and I used to be such a NOT-A-PEPLUM kinda gal.

thanks for your comment on my Simplicity top made from the EOS jersey. I couldn't find a way to email you or PM you, so I'm leaving the message here. If you decide to use the same jersey in the other colorway to make this top - cut the CF on the fold - there is no reason not to. I wish I'd thought of it before cutting the top.
and I know I commented on it before, but I see it on your sidebar and have to remark again, I just love what you did with the V8287 top.