Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Can This Jacket Be Saved?

My dear sweet ultrasuede. It’s been in my stash for a very long time waiting for the most special, ultimate, timeless garment ever. This year I cut out two garments that will not be timeless or ultimate. I had to do it after all, it really is just fabric.

The first garment is a jumper that turned out to be more fitted than I expected and to have princess lines that look wacky at the bust. Even if other people don’t notice, I do. (After adjusting them three times I decided to just wear it.) It’s a garment that will never hear the words “Thanks, I made it myself.”

The second garment is this little bolero jacket from an OOP Vogue pattern. All was going well until I reached the armscye. Yuk. It looks terrible. I went out and bought then sewed a cool-weather jacket in record time just to make my ego feel better. (When I can figure out how to add my widget, you'll see that too.)

After reading through conversations on PR, SG, and my favorite blogs (well, that and about 4 weeks of having it stare at me from the dress form) I decided to cut some ease out of the sleeve cap. Success is in sight (picture taken before pressing). Now the answer is yes this garment can be saved! Completed picture coming soon.

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