Saturday, January 19, 2008

Emma One Socked!

Okay, so I'm new to the whole fabric online thing. I've read many, many comments about how fabrics at some particular websites sell out almost immediately. But I could never really and truly relate until today.

I've been slowly but surely planning my spring work wardrobe. Collecting many, many patterns, and 3 yes, a mere 3 fabric swatches. Today I relented and took the kids to the Y for swimming (in 16-degree weather). I printed out my official SWAP instructions/form (compliments of Shannon at Hungry Zombie Couture) to fill out while they swam. A light bulb moment happens. My print with all the basic colors would be this wonderful print. A knit jersey from Emma One Sock. I tell myself yes, step away from the black and white, introduce tan and brown this fabric is perfect... At approximately 10:00 p.m. Saturday night after I spent an hour or two organizing my patterns in Powerpoint, I visit Emma One Sock to find my fabric. ARGH!!! SOLD OUT, in bold red letters. People, it's January, why are you buying my spring fabric in January??

Okay, lesson learned. See - buy. The End.


Shannon said...

Isn't it a real let down when that happens - I have had it happen to me too. Now, I buy the fabric as soon as it catches my eye and I figure I have to justify the shipping, so I will always toss in a few other interesting pieces. Long story, short - this is part of the reason why my stash is huge. Moral to the story - watch out, buying when you see it, so you can be sure to get it, can be a slippery slope!! :)

Elaray said...

Awwww, man! That's such a pretty fabric, too. I heard that sometimes Emma One Sock buys from Mood. Maybe Mood will have it.

Shelly said...

Check this link for a 1.5 yard piece they had in their rollends..

Meggy said...

That is gorgeous fabric, nice blog too. :)