Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Don't Do Crafts

Well yes, I’m crafter because I like to scrapbook, and knit, and sew. But I don’t consider myself a true-blue “crafter”. I do clothes, not crafts. Leave it to Threads (issue #120 pgs. 50-55 to be specific) to spur a crafting revolution in me. The article explains how to make a purse from a placemat. It’s functional, the creative possibilities are endless, and it takes very little time to sew. Here are some results:

At about the same time I read the Threads article my mom met someone that had made a placemat purse using a different pattern that was equally functional, cute, and easy. We were on a quest...for placemats!

The point of all this is that it looks like my only sewing project to be completed this weekend will be a placemat purse. Most of the purses are quite small compared to what most women need so I had the idea to put two together - and it worked! I'm not wild about the placemats, but they resulted in yet another, functional, attractive, easy purse.

The closest instructions I've found are on the Be Sew Stylish website here. (Do a search for Two-Hour Tote Bag.) Just substitute the two main sections of the bag with two placemats (you can add a pocket with a coordinating napkin).

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Gorgeous Things said...

Very cute purse! I love the chain handle.