Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Parting is such sweet sorrow…

This week I said goodbye to a dear friend. I was forced to trash, not donate, one of my favorite suits. I never had a bad day when I wore this suit. One year I was invited to a special brunch/fashion show hosted by Glamour magazine, held at a local high-end department store. This is the suit I wore. I always wore it with a black turtleneck, black tights and heels, that day I added a pair of black gloves. It was comfortable and it made me feel great!

About three years ago I did a major closet overhaul and bravely removed many suits that I had been clinging to, hoping to wear again…someday. (Just for the record I discovered I had made a total of 30 tailored jackets, at least 15 of them had matching skirts and/or pants. I never realized how many I had!) I couldn’t however, bear to part with my pink suit.

This year after losing some weight, I was thrilled when I realized my pre-baby body was back and I could wear it again. I realized after my first look in the mirror at work that the jacket screamed 80’s (really big shoulder pads). It wasn’t until later in the day I also realized that my beautiful pink wool had actually faded – across the shoulder seams, and in a nice stripe down each sleeve. That was it. Buttons come off, shoulder pads come out. Suit goes in trash. Good-bye pink suit, I wore ye well.

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