Thursday, January 3, 2008

Why I Love Sewing – Reason #1 my “Coat Of Many Colors”

Picture this: Thursday night at the fabric store and this multi-color, Ralph Lauren, plaid wool coating catches my eye. Off to the patterns I go and find the perfect Claude Montana (Vogue 2974) pattern to complement the fabric. Friday night is spent cutting out (no small feat considering all the plaids that need to be matched and the fact that the plaid is different on the wrong side of the fabric). Saturday is a sewing marathon. Sunday I wear my “coat of many colors” for the first time. This is a garment that shows the best of my sewing abilities – perfect welt pockets, perfect bound buttonholes, perfectly matched plaids everywhere. Details here.

This is why I love sewing. In three days I was able to go from fabric, patterns, and notions to a timeless garment that is 100% unique. I will never run into someone with this coat. I made this garment about 15 years ago and was complemented today by another sewist when I went shopping. Even if no one notices my “coat of many colors” it will forever be a shining example of why I sew.

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Marie-Noëlle said...

I like this story very much
I wish that one day I will sew as fast as you do
BTW you've done a great job perfectling matching this plaid