Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Mission

Yesterday I was forced to leave school earlier than normal and decided to use the time to purchase some Simplicity patterns that were out of stock during the last sale. I happened to see a pretty boucle-sort-of-rayon fabric in a green I like for this spring. Didn't buy it stayed up there in my memory as I was browsing my patterns and looking at my spring wardrobe plan. On Saturday I was on a mission to purchase this fabric for a knee-length pencil skirt, with a jacket from this (OOP) McCall's and probably view F from OOP New Look #6518. So it won't be a surprise to anyone that I came home with this:
From there I decided to visit one of my favorite vintage/antique/second-hand stores. My mission there was to find a dresser for my son. Well, there weren't any dresser candidates but...

...this managed to come home with me. (Sorry for the monochromatic pix. Something's goofy with the scanner and everything thing was coming out in a lovely shade of pink. Sepia seemed to create more clarity with the images.) At just $1.00 a piece I was doubly excited to see that several are actually in my size, no grading!

I've got more I want to say, but it's almost supper time and I haven't sewn a thing all day!

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