Monday, February 11, 2008

Operation: Dress Form 2

SNOW DAY! What a perfect time to blog.

In case you haven't noticed I'm a new blogger and haven't quite figured out all the technical stuff yet. Unless someone would like to offer a suggestion,I'm going to add information as time allows. That's why today starts with Step 3 and scrolling down the blog will take you to Steps 1 and 2. I guess when I'm finished I'll put it all in one sequential blog.

I used a series of articles from Threads magazine #44, 45, 47 and 48 (December 1992 through August/September 1993) written by Suzanne Pierrette Stern to complete this dress form remodel.

3. Measurements and padding.
There are about ten measurements that are used to arrange the padding. The author mentions their importance but really stresses that you need to keep in mind the actual silhouette of the body you’re creating. In my case I’m paying close attention to my chest, which seems almost concave on the left, and my stomach, which for the first time in my adult life is actually flat! (If you have the magazine you’ll see that she is only working on half of the form. For me, I’m just keep the padding on the entire form.) The measurements are pretty standard - bust, waist, hip, neck, and armscye circumferance, shoulder width, BP to BP, and center front/back from neck to waist and then to the floor. One additional measurement is taken from the back of the neck to the front over the bust point and down to the waist. Use a ribbon or tape to mark the waist over the padding.

4. Interfacing
Any fusible interfacing can be used. I have some nice 60” tricot purchased locally (Cutting Room Fabrics). Cut the interfacing into four narrow segments for the LR sides both front and back. Press each segment onto the form. Because my interfacing is very pliable I manipulate it around the most of the curves then cut or overlap where needed.

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Adrienne said...

You are doing a great job with the repadding!!!!

Susan said...

I am so happy to see you have discovered Suzanne Pierette Stern! She was my teacher....lucky me! She was a great inspiration. Now I teach her draping methods and classes on Building a Body Double, just as she taught me. She would be so pleased to know that her articles helped you to grow as a seamstress.