Thursday, February 21, 2008

Operation: Dress Form 4

I used a series of articles from Threads magazine #44, 45, 47 and 48 (December 1992 through August/September 1993) written by Suzanne Pierrette Stern to complete this dress form remodel.

After weeks of pinning and sewing and pinning and sewing, my project is complete :)!

Before anything else is said, you don't need Threads #47 if you follow the information in #44 and #45. The article in #47 gives you the option and directions for completing the cover using darts instead of a princess seam. (Not only that, it implies that this is easier than the original method!)

It was nearly impossible to keep track of every adjustment, mishap, and detail but the following pages cover the general steps.

With all the pattern sales and spring fabrics now, I've been so anxious to get back to sewing clothes! Back in a bit with more bits.

Oh yea, my final, final step for this project is to go to Myraida and figure out how to add my style lines (this is to make up for oops #2) and eventually drape on my form.

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