Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break Randomness

Look at the treasures I found and they didn’t cost a thing…

That’s right I got them from the library! I’ve been dreaming about the draping book since season two of Project Runway. It’s not the most current version, but who cares it’s got the general information. And the “Jackets for Real People” has the solution that I was looking for in my houndstooth review. It shows a machine method for that intersection of a jacket where the front hem, lining, and facing meet. Very exciting, I can’t wait to try it out.

How far would you go for interfacing?
Apparently I’ll go pretty far. The Cutting Room fabric store is about a 30-mile drive from my house so I only go there two or three times a year. Last summer I discovered a 60” lightweight, tricot, fusible interfacing that was remarkably similar to one I purchased from a nationally known sewing instructor last year. At $2.95/yd. I stocked up. However, my Easter outfit used up my stash. Wednesday I headed over the CRF only to find that the owner was participating in the Sewing Expo and had taken my interfacing and several other fabrics with her. Yikes! You guessed it, the very next day I was paying my $10 to get into the Expo. I’m happy to report that the interfacing was there, I bought the bolt (around 7 yards), and now have a great story to tell about my dedication to my craft! LOL

I am a project-oriented person. This doesn't mean I never have UFO's but... That was how I spent today and most of my spring break. I just couldn't get my mind in gear to do one of my sewing marathon days (heavy sigh). Today I cleaned up my UFO's - adjustments to my Easter top and skirt, finished a pair of black wool pants, and made a quick knit top that I cut out last year. Now my sewing area consists of pieces of fabric waiting to be cut and garments that are cut and waiting to be sewn. I'm a little sad I didn't get my black suit done this year. Oh well, maybe I'll be in the mood to sew it up this summer, hah!

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Lindsay T said...

Now that Phyllis turned me onto "real" interfacing I'll take a 35-minute train ride into the city for the stuff! Isn't it amazing? I'll never sew with the cheap stuff again.