Monday, March 24, 2008


I've been tagged by Dawn. I'm both flattered and (don't take this the wrong way) annoyed. I too am not a chain-mail participant but feel connected to a kindred spirit that I just can't let down! LOL

Seven Things About Me

Ever since my family moved to Ohio (when I was in fourth grade) I swore I'd move away and never come back. Yea, had to eat my words big-time. Not only did I move back, I actually like it, go figure!

I've always felt the most flattering compliment a friend can give me is to (laughingly) say, "you're so wierd!"

I have been known to eat an entire chocolate cookie pie crust without the pie.

In my husband's family there are several inlaws that are younger than me with grandchildren! I find this as funny as they do (my kids are 5 and 7)!

At 38 years old I moved in with my parents so I could attend graduate school full time! Imagine, all the irresponsiblity of college with enough years of responsibility to appreciate it.

I don't cook.

Until I discovered PR and all the other internet sources, I could never figure out how people could become addicted to the computer. How could someone possibly just sit there for hours and hours and I know!

Since so many of you have already been tagged I'm going to (gasp) break the chain!! Hope know one is offended but I think I'd rather just add you to my "Daily Visitation". Okay?

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Dawn said...

You're breaking the chain!!! How could you!! This is kind of like the Amish Friendship dough that I always get from my friends. I always say, "Thanks, how fun!!" I never remember to mix it or release the gas from the bag so it ends up fermenting on my counter. Yikes.