Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Big Honkin’ Pants!!

I think these are the biggest honkin’ pair of pants I've ever worn! And I went to high school when the pants were so big we described them as “elephant legs”.

I started out innocently enough trying to make a stylin’ new pair of baggy pants. I used my pants sloper to make adjustments to the printed pattern; I sewed everything together until the waistband, then tried them on – all my usual procedures. It was apparent at this point that the legs were very wide and I may have added a little too much to the length…but the waist seemed to fit really well. They got pushed aside because of Easter and my indecision about the wide legs. After weeks of thinking about what to do next, I decided just to finish them. I mean, winter is supposed to be over so I probably won’t get much use out them until fall anyway. Right? Actually even when they were done I wasn’t convinced they were huge enough to stay in the closet. ** Okay, somewhere between finishing the pants and cutting out a different pattern of pants I realized that the sloper I was using was a year old. That meant I was using last year’s pre-Body by Glamour (yep, that’s how I lost weight last summer!) measurements to fit my pants. Oh brother!

So, today I put them on with my fabulous houndstooth jacket. Here’s what happened: I nearly fell on my face at least three times when my heel caught the cuff. At about 11:00 I gave up on the heels (I usually do really well in heels but my feet were killing me today), so I had about 3” of length cleaning the floor. Yea, and it’s a good thing I decided to include the belt loops and wear a belt because the waist did not fit like I thought and for sure there would have been 5” cleaning the floor without the belt. Back to the closet they go.

Maybe the next time I’m desperate for a pair of black wool pants I’ll consider letting them out of the closet!

They actually looked more like this than the first picture. The pattern is Vogue 7468.


Lindsay T said...

Your photo is cracking me up. Are you using a tripod or getting a kid or DH to take your photos?

2BSewing said...

lol!!! Your picture is a hoot! Enjoyed reading your blog. :)

Dana said...

Lindsay t,
The kids were there but all they did is remind me why I usually take pictures when they're not home! I used my reliable easel for a tripod.

Paula said...

For a moment I thought I'd been accidentally redirected to MC Hammer's blog! I love your picture, you're a shy little thing, aren't you?

Paula said...

Dana, just thought I'd mention that I nominated Lean Mean Sewing Machine for the excellent blog award. Feel free to visit my blog for the excellent blog graphic and/or nominate 10 of your favorite blogs.

Bunny said...

Congratulations on being a "Glamour" girl! Your pants are a hoot. Hope you didn't spend too much on that black wool. Have you thought about throwing them in the machine and felting them? Felted wool pants could be really warm.LOL! Just kidding!

Paula said...

Dana, you would be appalled if you saw the "method" I used to make Simplicity 3837 fit me. It basically consisted of just hacking away at the seam allowances until the #*$% thing fit!