Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sewing-10 vs. Planning-100!

While the actual sewing has slowed down, the wardrobe planning has been in full swing. Here are the fabric results:
I had to keep retaking this picture as I kept discovering more fabric! At this point my drawers are full, the sewing chart is full, and the pattern stash is's pretty full but I can't say that I won't add a few more. I've been spending my sewing time working on pattern adjustments and will probably focus on more of that and cutting out this week.

My sewing chart is a bit of a let down this time because I purchased all my fabric before I put it together. My favorite columns to check are the "Fabric" and "Complete" and now one of them is already full! Earlier Kay had asked for a clearer picture of this so here it is. Also, if anyone would like a copy just send me an e-mail at elkida01 "at" yahoo "dot" com and I can attach the Excel file.

My big excitement this week is that I'm planning on visiting a local sewing lounge on Friday (Stitch Cleveland). I've been dying to try out an industrial machine and ever since this lounge opened up I've been checking to see if they have one. Well, when I saw them at the Sewing Expo they said one would be ready by the next "I Sew Cleveland" (an open sewing evening). Yipee! I'm sure I'll spend all my creative energy this week trying to decide what project to bring with me.


Kay said...

AWESOME! Thanks you, Dana!

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Hi Dana,
Looks like you'll have a beautiful spring wardrobe. I'd like a copy of the spreadsheet. Perhaps it'll help my sewing become more organized. LOL


Lindsay T said...

So cool that you have a sewing lounge! Love to hear what you think about using an industrial machine.

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Thank you, Dana, for the spreadsheet. I did tweak it and think it may be helpful.