Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back to Bloggin'

The blog drought is finally over! I actually blog in my head everyday, too bad there's not a quicker way to get it from there to here! Anyway, here's a some of the sewing I've done.

One pair of pants = a week's worth of outfits! I've been sewing tops that I thought would be quick projects to satisfy my need to sew. They all seemed pretty blah (and sat in a pile marked "will look better with a tan"), until I finished a key piece of my "In Hope of Spring" wardrobe - a pair or ivory/cream linen pants.

There are so many ironies here, it's hard not to mention them 1. the "spring" weather here finally went above 60 degrees the day I finished the pants, 2. because of #1 it hasn't been warm enough to wear any of the "In Hope of Spring" pieces, 3. now that the weather may actually become spring-like, I've got less than a week of school left and will no longer need the "In Hope of Spring" work wardrobe. But, I digress...

I love these pants! They could very well turn out to be THE pattern I use for all mid-rise pants I ever make. Similar styled pants I've made in the past few years have either been too tight (think muffin-top) or too loose; as in I lost weight and now they fit at the hip but the crotch is too low. There were several things I didn't like about the actual construction process but those are easy to change.

Construction Cites

Citation #1. I will not include the traditional fly. Many, many, sewists like these and maybe I did at one point in my life but this is one (time-consuming) detail I will definitely live without. Also, somewhere I read that the whole purpose of the fly is to prevent underwear from getting stuck in the zipper. I'm proud to say that I have never, ever had my underwear get stuck in my pants zipper even without that little extra flap. So, I'm just going to keep doing it my way.

Citation #2. I will attach the waistband like most traditional patterns. I like to fit the pants, then attach the waistband. The instructions here have you attach the waistband to each leg separately and then sew the center back.

Citation #3. I will not fold over the top portion of the belt loops and attach with topstitching when I can just tuck them into the seam allowance..

Oh yea, the pants pattern is Simplicity 4366 (Threads). And pattern numbers for the tops are, from left to right: V8323, S4020, S3790 and OOP Vogue 9040.

More later!


Shannon said...

Firstly, great new wardrobe - too bad you don't really need it now, but just think of how much you'll get to wear it next year!

Secondly, you crack me up! Never had your underwear stuck in your zipper...too funny!

Lindsay T said...

Glad you're back! These pants look fabulous on you. Love your spring wardrobe.

Paula said...

I, for one, am extremely impressed that you've attained such a high degree of skill in dressing yourself! Good job!

Seriously, though, I love your wardrobe. It's too bad about not being able to use it for it's intended purpose. We've and a late, er, non-existent spring here, too.

Adrienne said...

Your wardrobe looks great!!!