Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Work, work, work

I've been feeling so guilty about my lack of blogging lately. But, all that's on my mind is work (school - music). I'm in a new school and we have our first performance on Saturday. It's a big festival where most of the performances are outdoors. The forcast calls for rain. :( In my school system we're never sure who or how many kids will show up and that's what I'm most anxious about now. Down deep I know the group will do fine no matter who shows up to perform but I always have a few days of anxiety. Think I'll spend some quality time at the machine "projecting" myself into next week when it's all over!

Not to worry, I'll be back making comments soon!


Lindsay T said...

Good luck with your festival on Saturday. Don't worry about blogging; we'll still be here!

Keely said...

Good luck. I hope the rain holds off for you. Like Lindsay said, we'll be here - that's the wonder of bloglines. :)