Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Date Night Dilemma!

or, what to wear when you finally have an EVENT.

Event background: I teach in an urban public school system (okay, it’s Cleveland). I LOVE my job. There are many, many challenges to make sure our students have as many opportunities as all other students outside our district. One event that actually gives our students even more opportunities is the annual All-City Musical. The students work for months with local theater professionals to produce these musicals and they are amazing! Most years I see the performance during the day on a field trip with my music students. This year it didn’t work out, so my husband (who has never been to a theatrical production) and I got tickets for the public performance on Saturday night. Yay, Saturday night out in the city to go see a musical (I’m envisioning Broadway)! Of course I need the perfect outfit.

Monday: I don’t want to buy anything new since I have so many projects waiting. I decide to make a retro dress from some cotton sateen.
Thursday night: I don’t like the retro dress. Panic sets in. My back-up dress is a solid pink poly crepe de chine in a very plain pattern. Nice, but not Saturday-night-downtown-going-to-the-theater nice.
Friday: The solution appears. I already have an ivory silk dupioni jacket from years ago; I have yards of ivory washed silk charmeuse; I have the perfect simple pattern (both OOP, of course).

Saturday: Outta my way! I spend about four hours on my new dress and finish with enough time to take my daughter shopping for new earrings (to match the new dress).

Reason #2 why I sew:

Take this

to make this

and look like this.

This year’s musical was Dreamgirls, oh yea. Un-be-live-ab-le. If you had walked in off the street you would have thought is was Broadway! The kid’s voices were out of this world, and I mean every single person that sang (and that’s not always been the case). A really enjoyable night. If you live in NE Ohio check the CMSD website next May for ticket information. This should not be missed.


Lindsay T said...

Lookin' fabulous, Dana! This sounds like such a great event.

Summerset said...

You look fantastic! Yes this is why we sew. What a great opportunity for the students - sometimes it is those things that make a big difference.

Alexandra said...

Awesome outfit! So simple and elegant!

Kristine said...

Great outfit, I love the "rundown" of the week! I'm also a teacher (Michigan, N of Detroit) and love watching the kids experience success, be it on stage, or otherwise. And yes, that is why we sew!

Claire said...

Another one chiming in to tell you this is a great outfit...very classy and elegant.