Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Toy

Although I love my new (actually 3 years old) machine, I do not love the buttonholes it produces. To produce a buttonhole you create the first one (4-steps) then hit a button that supposedly memorizes it so that you only need to press one button to make the next hole. The problem I have is that the tension of the fabric needs to be exactly the same as it was on the first button – and that’s not as easy as it looked when I saw the demonstration. Anyway, I’ve been struggling and trying to come up with an alternate plan.

One of my idea was to try the type of buttonholer my mom had on her machine when I was little. Enter PR and this review.

The result is very close to what I would like but the time and aggravation it saved me outweighs the quality issues. After working out my tester it probably took a total of 10 minutes for these four buttonholes. The best part is that all I had to think about was lining up the markings properly. For these buttonholes I ran the stitching around three times. My only problem is that I’d like to make the stitch length shorter to tighten the stitches. I have it set as short as possible and it’s still too long, but I’ll keep using it!

This buttonholer came with templates for straight, keyhole, and bound buttonholes. I can’t wait to try out the bound buttonholes because it appears that it will be just as much a time-saver as the regular buttonholer (don’t get too excited there’s still hand-sewing involved).

Happy sewing to all!


Keely said...

Interesting gadget. Myself, I'm great at avoiding buttonholes on my machine if possible. :)

Adrienne said...

What a cool little toy!

Cennetta said...

Love the new toy. I'm not pleased with the buttonholes that my machine produces either. Other than that I'm pleased with my machine. I may have to invest in a "new toy" of my own. Thanks,