Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Last week's damages, um, I mean investments!

Just what is it about a sale that makes us think we have to buy something? Oh well, I'm very pleased with my "investment" purchases.
Confession: I've been eyeing those wool coatings at Gorgeous Fabrics probably since February as I desperately need something to replace this.

Sale, not on sale, Sale, not on sale, The Great Coat Sewing Along = sale! I was so close to placing my order (kept changing my mind about the color), then I got a little postcard in the mail that one of my favorite local (but a little bit out of the way) stores was having a big sale. All wools 40% off. I decided to visit Cutting Room Fabrics and found the perfect coatings, plus a extra little dress fabric.

FYI - Their website doesn't come close to showing the beautiful fabrics they have in stock. If you plan to visit the NE Ohio/Cleveland area, it's a must-see.


Christina said...

I made some "investments" in some new patterns last weekend too! :)

Alexandra said...

Lovely patterns and fabrics! I absolutely adore the pink print!

Dawn said...

I love your coat fabrics and patterns!