Thursday, June 5, 2008

To Join or Not To Join...

Everybody's joining contests! What about me??? I missed the Vintage contest, the Mini Wardrobe contest, and The Great Coat Sew Along. Can you say "indecisive"? Thanks to some surfing on Marji's site I've found the contest for me (drum roll please) the My Pattern contest on PR. I read about it and while I started contemplating what I could possibly make all these memories started coming back.

I really was a designer at one time! I'd almost forgotten. During my Minneapolis daytime temp, evening custom sewing business time I designed some dresses that were selected for a big time fashion show! Impressed? It was sponsored by The Fashion Group and the participants were selected by a committee. Real, professional models wore my clothes! It was very cool. Here's a peek:

Re-enter indecisiveness: what should I make? I want to try draping (my other designs were all from a flat pattern), I want it to be functional, I want it to be complicated enough to be a challenge, but not so complicated that I give up in frustration. I started by browsing the vintage pattern sites to copy something and got a few ideas. Today I drew up my idea. It's a combination of one vintage 60's pattern, an Akris neckline, an Jill Sander jacket over slim pants, and a JMendel sleeveless jacket. Here's the visual:
Now, I have a mission. Along with sewing more vintage patterns (I was in vintage overdrive last year but it hasn't stopped me from collecting more patterns!), continuing with my wardrobe (spring and not-yet-complete summer-fun) projects, and sewing at least one, if not two coats (I know everyone will be blogging about this, so I'm going to pretend I'm part of the sew-along club), I'll be dusting off all my designer juices to complete a project for this contest. Yay.

P.S. - Just after I'd written the draft of this post I visited the contest pages on PR. Yikes, I really so try not think of this as a competition, but yikes! First of all Marji's making a formal dress, second Don McCunn, author of How To Make Sewing Patterns is making a wedding gown. Then in the last week Myraida announced she's entering - at the rate she's going her dress will be done on Monday and it's beautiful! Once again indecision, low self-esteem, I can't compete voices start calling me.
...But I'm not listening! Yesterday, I joined.


Kristine said...

Ignore the voices in your head, and go for it! I've done one contest at PR, and it was the best thing I could've done for myself. I didn't win, but it didn't matter because I felt so great about what I created. So forget the competition, and think of what wonderful company you'll be surrounded by! Good Luck!

Claire said...

I echo what Kristine said above. To add my own words....the picture you posted of those gorgeous dresses you designed in the past had me drooling. I'd wear those now, in a heartbeat...hands down. I say go for it and don't look back. I'll be watching to see what you come up with.

Sigrid said...

Ditto, the great thing is joining and do something you like. I know I was impressed by others in the "competition" I did. I ignored it and had fun knocking of the jacket for my dd. And just by doing it, this has inspired me to do more knock-off attempts. Could well be the same for you. Good luck and looking forward what you'll be designing.

Lindsay T said...

Yeah, do it!! And you take good photos, so that always helps.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I *love* the draping on the back of the dress in the middle. That is such a fantastic detail. You should definitely enter the contest. They're fun and get me motivated to finish projects. I never win but am always amazed to get even a few votes.

Marji said...

The pics you put up of the formalwear you've designed and made are TDF gorgeous!
I hope you're still in the contest.
You do some gorgeous work.

And now, I'm looking for the pics that I swear I found earlier on your blog about pants fitting and that wedge that KK did on pants.
Wasn't that yours? Where is it?

I'm desperately seeking all pants fitting advice again, since I'm having a huge crisis of confidence.