Monday, June 30, 2008

Wanted: Opinions

The muslin for the My Pattern contest are ready for the real fabric. Originally I had one fabric picked out, but have found two other contenders and now I can't decided. Please, help!

The outfit is a long, sleeveless jacket with stand-up collar and self-fabric belt over narrow-legged pants. I plan to have this be a transitional suit that will take me into fall. The jacket looks something like this

Here are the fabric candidates:

The original choice from EOS (I like the description and the fact that it's cotton, but am not sure about the texture in the close-up shot, it looks a little rough.)
A cotton sateen from Gorgeous Fabrics (I love sateen, but for this outfit am concerned about the shine and wrinkles.)
A wool gabardine from CandleLight Valley Fabrics (I love gabardine, but am not always careful about pressing. Also, do I want wool?)

What would you choose?


Lindsay T said...

Hmm, tough call. Can you elaborate any more on the patterns details? Belt loops? How does the front close? I feel like it might need a fabric with some texture....

Dawn said...

I like the top one (from EOS). I like texture when there are large pieces of fabric. If there are pockets, loops, and doo-dads on it, then maybe the sateen.

Dana said...

It will have the belt loop details, topstitching (in the same color), and a button closure. The button closure is the main thing I added from the picture shown.

Summerset said...

I like the original fabric due to the texture. With such a large expanse of fabric showing, the texture will be able to really be shown to great advantage.

firesheep67 said...

1. if it has to be brown - go for the first fabric from EOS
2. does it have to be brown?

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I definitely would not use the wool gabardine...and I'm leaning towards the EOS fabric because of the will let us know what you decide, right?

Dana said...

Yes, it has to be brown (I don't know why, that's just my "vision" lol). And, yes, I'll definitely let you know!