Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Do I Sew? Do I Blog?

Here’s the problem with blogging, I actual blog all day long but the words never get to the computer. That’s because it’s all being done in my head! (Okay, I’ll admit that my family has caught me talking out loud too.) Wouldn’t be nice if there was an affordable gadget that would just take a voice recording and type out the words for us? What a time-saver that would be. Between my last post and the review for PR, I was online for three hours! I could have made a t-shirt in that time. If it weren’t so much fun, I’d have lots of time on my hands, right? Yay, right.

Yesterday I was ready to post about a big order at FFC for some ITY knits. It seems that everytime I look for knits I’m drawn to the prints, but I need some solids. I just wanted to find out what everybody else thought. Then today I read Shannon’s post. Hmmm. And one of the things that held back my order was that I’m not sure about the quality – especially from FFC. Well, that led me to a Google search for ITY, which led me to this thread on PR (of course!). Hmmm. I’ve decided that if Marji liked it, and described it as light-medium weight which is what I wanted, the order’s going through. Just one enabler after another, after another, after another…lol

For a long time I have been happily immersed in my summer wardrobe. And then the blog chain got me. Dawn posted that she was getting in the mood to plan for fall. The seed is planted. I tried to fight it. Then, someone else starts blogging about fall, then Dawn has all of her fabrics picked out! Arrrrgh! I’m behind. I’ve got to catch up, what am I going to make for fall? At this point I’ve collected some favorite fall outfits from style.com; I bought a cheap-O sweater knit ($1.50) that matches two fall fabrics at home; I’ve sketched out a four-piece mini-wardrobe of which a key piece is a jumpsuit (yes, I said jumpsuit); and last night I found the perfect vintage jumpsuit pattern to make that creation a little easier. Today I'm back thinking and sewing about summer. I think this is called “wardrobe limbo”, well at least it’s one version of “wardrobe limbo”. Thank goodness Shannon is just starting some summer sewing. I think that alone will help me finish up my summer stash.

Well, another hour gone, thanks for letting me vent!

Do I sew, do I blog? Do I sew, do I blog? Do I sew, do I blog? I know you can relate, I’ve read your blog!


2BSewing: said...

I, too, have the same problem. When I say I will only blog for 15 minutes...it turns out to be 2 hours later. Time has flown by and I have no sewing done. As for Fall sewing, I'm not ready for that. I'm still having too much fun sewing for Summer. lol!

Shannon said...

Fall sewing?!?! Are you nuts? :) It's close to one thousand degrees here today - the thought of sewing heavy fabric makes want to faint. I know I should try and plan ahead, by sewing next season's wardrobe now, but I have learned from past experience that it ain't gonna happen. So, I happily sew for a season, during the season, then have no time to wear the clothes until the season rolls around again the next year. It' snot very smart, but it makes me happy, so why question it?

P.S. I'm always more than happy to be an enabler. And to be placed in the same enabler category as Marji - well, now I have arrived!

Shannon said...

I just reread my comment and had to correct something. It should read, "It's not...", not "It' snot...". Yuck, what a simple slip of the fingers can do. :P

AllisonC said...

I can totally understand (though it is far too hot to even contemplate fall sewing so I am OK there). Writing reviews and blogging can be very time consuming, not to mention being addicted to others blogs, but overall I have found that my sewing has actually improved - at least in terms of planning and output.

Dawn said...

I love fall sewing! :) The weather here has been crap all summer so I can't really make any cute summer things and actually wear them. Yucky summer.

But, you aren't behind. I've just been thinking about it. I haven't actually done anything besides make a dress and my flashdance top. Neither of them are even close to the "fall" category and neither are in the colors that I'm currently obsessing about. :)

Christina said...

I can totally relate - a lot of times while sewing, I'm thinking about exactly what I'm going to write in my blog! LOL.

But - I am soooo not ready for fall sewing. Summer just arrived in the Pacific Northwest, and I am not ready to let my mind wander yet.

Sigrid said...

Blogging and reading other blogs takes a lot of time (as you know from reading my blog I share your feelings), but like Allison mentions, I've learned quite a few things that way since I started reading them. In general writing about sewing has definitely increased the level of sewing a bit, and encouraged me to try a few new things.
As to fall sewing: I'm thinking about it, but don't feel like starting that yet.

Lindsay T said...

I hear ya on this blogging/sewing thing. Last night my DD was trying to get my attention while I was on the computer. The moment I said "Just a minute..." she interrupted with "I know, you're on your blog, it's so important, blah, blah, blah."

Speaking of ITY, Gorgeous Fabrics carries this in her "work knits" category, plus Kashi at Metro Textile has loads of ITY prints in great colors and designs. It's always worth asking him to send swatches.

Alexandra said...

I can relate to your dilemma. Sometimes I add up the hours I spend reading everyone's blogs and writing my own, plus the time on SG and PR, and think about how many finished garments that would be had I spent all that time sewing.

darcie said...

Hey Dana,
Such a fun blog! I'm seeking some sewing expertise so I hope you don't mind if I ask your opinion on my upcoming purchase! I need a machine that is durable, won't fall apart, and that won't give me tension problems! :) The two I'm leaning toward are the Janome Sew Precise and the Brother XR 7700. I can't spend much more than $250. Any opinions? Thanks.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I make notes as I'm sewing a garment so it shouldn't take as long when I finally sit down to blog - NOT! To get any sewing done on the weekends, I am on a strict time schedule - blogs read during the morning so that I can sew in the afternoon or evening...otherwise I would get nothing made.

And there is No Way that I'm thinking about fall sewing with the heat and humidity we've been experiencing...I've even given up the pretense that I will even look at my coat for the great coat sewalong until fall...I just can't work with wool in these temps!