Monday, July 21, 2008

Just One of Those Days.

AAAAAAAAHHH! I’ve had a rough day. Crabby kids in the morning, messy house in the afternoon.

Now that all is quiet it’s time to shop and plan (mostly plan as I’ve received delivery for an online purchase five of the last seven days – all sewing-related)! I can’t help it, I’m thinking about fall. Maybe it’s because after today I’ve had enough of being a SAHM and am ready to go back to a job I know how to do LOL! (Don’t take any of this rant too seriously, because really, it was just one of those days and tomorrow I’ll be back to normal.) Whatever it is, sewing is not the remedy today, but planning.... ;)

My inspiration and planning are coming from:
1. My current pattern and fabric stash.
2. Some older BWOF magazines I purchased thanks to the Queen Of Sewing Enablers, Dawn. (Not only do I have three BWOF’s, I also have a Modellina, a Mrs. Stylebook, and Patrones Ninos on the way! For me, this is a lot of patterns.)
3. I’m really drawn to the monochromatic outfits from Akris, but am not sure how they’ll actually translate into my wardrobe.
4. This site (I’m really sorry I can’t remember whose blog I read when I found this because: WOW!, it puts everything together.)

This time around I’m going to let the fashion magazines inspire but not dictate to me. Last year I tried to recreate looks I’d seen and make them work for me. This year I’m going with my personal tastes in patterns, fabrics, and colors first. I don’t really have the need to be fashion forward. I just want to a) wear what makes me feel good and b) make sure nobody else wears the same outfit! This is the way I used to make my clothes. The difference now is that I am sewing with a plan and because of that my clothes should to work together. So, here are the some of pieces that I know I'll be making for sure.

And these are some of my favorite looks from Etcetera (can't copy the pictures so this will have to do) 5, 19, 20, 29, 45, 78, 86, 97, 98, 104, 110, 111.

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Dawn said...

At least I can be Queen of something! :) I have sick/whiny kids and a messy house too. Am I going to clean it? Nah . . .