Saturday, July 5, 2008

More Skirts!

I actually had two summer wardrobe plans - one for work and one for play. The play plan is mostly fun print skirts and whatever I can by with for tops. Another part of the play plan was to somehow work shorts into the skirts. I do alot of activities in the summer where I don't want to have to worry if people can see under my skirt, lol! And I just feel better (and equally comfortable) in a skirt than in most of my shorts. After much consideration I decided to use the design from a RTW skort I bought last year. The design is basically a regular skirt with shorts underneath that attach at the waistband. Here's how I did it.

I used Simplicity 3754 (full review is on PR or click on the picture at right).

I started with the shorts from a skort pattern that I drafted years ago (1995 to be exact!). I knew that they still fit and that they would work when attached at the waist. I eliminated some of the length and width that was used to create a skirt-like flare.Lastly, I created an opening that will surround the front zipper opening of my skirt. This is the design element that I copied from my RTW skort. Without this, I'd have to attach the shorts CF seam to the skirt CF seam. It probably can be done, but... that's just too much brain power and time! (I'm sure that's what the RTW mfg. was thinking too, lol.)

I constructed the shorts and skirt separately and attached them at the top seam of the waistband. In hindsight, a pattern that doesn't have a yoke would have been much easier to do this with, but it worked out okay. After attaching both sides of the waistband with the shorts in the middle, I just finished the inside normally (stitch in the ditch to attach waistband facing).

I'm sure I'm leaving out details, but the kids haven't had breakfast yet! Gotta go

Here's the result


Sewfast said...

Very pretty! I lean towards skirts too. Shorts are acceptable at my workplace, but as a nurse I just don't feel wearing shorts to work is professional! Mary

Keely said...

Great idea and great result. I am so impressed that you could use a pattern from 1995! If I did that... well let's just say I can't!

Alexandra said...

Cute! Skorts rock!

Lindsay T said...

Me too, skirts are more fun to wear in the summertime.

Summerset said...

Great idea and fun little skirt.